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Feb 12 16 12:37 PM

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Was visiting my Mother the other day,and she had a recording of "jw-tv" she was watching. In it,was further proof of the GBs endorsing the Trampling of Anointed and their role as Priests. I dont know the whole situation,but the GB have chosen "other sheep", non anointed "elders" to help them with their terrible load of teaching jws the abundant "truth"(note sarcasm) they have. :--). So these "helpers" were on jw tv giving talks. With over 8,000 within jws claiming to be Anointed,arent there enough Anointed to help the GB is teaching jws? This trully is disgusting! What it confirms is that jws really are a DUAL Wolrd Power,that really does trample the role of spiritual Priests within the organisation.

That the GB endorses the other needed members of the trampling World power..."elders" seen on jw-tv.

Does this not tell "elders" in local congregations that Anointed within their own congregtions,should be treated in the same manner?! It does! The GB with satans backing,is now using Jw-TV,to further their propaganda against Jahs temple members. That "elders" are used by the GB in their place...instead of using Anointed,which is their proper place! This teaches non anointed elders,that trampling is expected within the local congregations...that the GB is encouraging it.

Does this not encourage jws to NOT listen to Anointed and any who might have been given truth via HS? Their spiritual Role is further diminished in the sight of jws by what the GB encourage on jw-tv.

Does this not teach Anointed to be Trampled and NOT listen to Christ, but listen to Gentiles? That they should be userped by Gentiles? This makes it very hard for Anointed to know they MUST FLEE! Because now,the GB's new tool of indoctrination and brainwashing JW-TV,is displaying for all to see,the DUAL nature of their empire. They are showng elders world wide they are accepted as more than equal to Anointed, and they have the right by GB backing,to trample Anointed! This is their reward as elders,because of being "faithful to jehovah". Its no wonder many elders and their arrogance against Anointed is encouraged...and their pride fanned by seeing the GB endorsing the beast/elders who ARE part of the dual world power being backed by the GB OVER other Anointed. Trampling of Anointed is even seen on thier disgusting "channel" jw-tv.
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