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Nov 26 15 1:56 PM

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The following is what i shared with Pearl after her latest blog above. She said she will post her reply,so i will leave that to her.

What amases me is that so many verses are talking about Anointed as differant soils..and many dont make it. This is the absolute opposite of what the GB say. Esp backed by 1914. They lyingly say,vertially all Invited are sealed. How convenient,that this hides them as genuine Anointed ,who have become harlots!

Luk 8:15 "But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop."

One has to keep persevering" even though that one is called "good soil"...and have “ a noble and good heart”. That “noble and good heart” still needs weeding.

Jas 1:21 "Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you."

This is even more amasing. Jah gives us the chance to be good soil by planting his word inside us,then its up to us to "get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent". This certainly applies to Anointed who have to get rid of the harlots "filth"..but also on a personal level,Jah knows we have much to remove from the "house",so its fit for the "words" and His HS.

It takes deliberate and concerted efforts,so the "soil" heart can produce fruits of HS. We can make the soil a better condition,so more can be yielded. Matt 5:29

 2Ti 1:14 "14 Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you--guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us."

This made me think of the Angels at Edens entrance. The flaming sword,which stood for truth which Adam did not guard,kept "guard" so as to not allow anything sinful from lies to re-enter Eden. Adam did NOT guard what was given him. Anointed have to make sure they guard what they have,to keep it pure...or loose it...using Jahs flaming sword of Truth. Interesting the Angels used by Jah were given those symbolisms,that stood for Truth. Had they proven in some way,that they were worthy of those symbolisms in the context of satan NOT proving faithful to Truth within Jahs heavenly Sons. Why a flaming sword to guard the Most Holy? See scriptures below. Maybe they represented the Angel/messengers from Anointed at this time who have proven faithful to Jah's flaming truth/Sword..and thus fit for the “Most Holy” of Gods Kingdom. See scriptures below about the symbolisms of the "flaming sword".

So its not just about a soil condition being what it is. Good soil has to be maintained as such and a lot of hard work applied to respect what is given.

Adam was guarding an extension of the Most Holy. This can only happen with truth. But he also as a covenant member,did NOT "get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent". Jas 1:21. He should have realised something was wrong and evil by the Truth he was given,that Eve was under the influence of something in opposition to Truth...and guard it by going to Jah about it.

Eden was the “Most Holy” on earth...and Adam was meant to be the guardian of that Holy Place by being loyal to truth. Truth kept that place from defilement. Because he didnt keep that place free from defilement of lies and didnt appreciate its Holiness,he was kicked out.

Anointed are given the opportunity to be an extension of the Most Holy. But they can only be such by guarding Truth. Even if someone they have trusted all their lives is seen as "moral filth" like the GB,are they going to be willing to give them up for truth,so they can protect the "Most Holy" they can become part of,if they show they are willing to do something Adam did not:Take a stand for truth.Jer.23:29;Heb 12:29; Psa 29:7;Jer 5:14 ,Rev 11:5 ,Hos 6:5 ,Jer 1:9 ,Rev.19:15;Luk 12:49,John 12:48; Heb.1:7; Rev.14:18; Matt.24:51,50; 2Cor.10:4; 6:7; Jer.1:10; 1Tim.6:12; Matt.7:19; 13:30; 2Thess.1:8; 1Cor.3:13,15; Rev.8:5,7,8; Luke 3:17; Rev.14:16.

Anointed who prove faithful will also be used to pass judgement on Anointed who WILL NOT be entering Gods Kingdom,Most Holy. They have proven worthy by being “beheaded” for truth,showing what extent they are willing to go to,to be loyal to “Most Holy” Truth.1 Cor 6:3.

Appreciate your hard work. You have a lot on your mind,knowing whats going on within the org. Im sure people tell you lots...and must enrage you against the harlot. I hate the betrayal of trust. I see it with my brothers kids. They all want to do the right thing,but will end up slaves of that stinking Harlot. I think of that vision where you tried to help people walking towards the "winepress". So blinded. The Gb have a lot to answer for.

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Nov 27 15 9:00 AM

Hi JD,   I saw this on Pearl's blog...yes...this Governing body will have to answer for what they have and are doing.  Each one will give an account individually for what they do. (Romans 14:12)

I hear you about how many people are just trying to do good and trusting in the organization and the GB...thinking that they are doing God's will.
You wrote:
 I hate the betrayal of trust. I see it with my brothers kids. They all want to do the right thing,but will end up slaves of that stinking Harlot

It is so sad...because most of these people (the ones who do not know)  are not deliberately trying to go against God...but they have been mislead.... Satan and his agents are misleading many.... Each one will be judged therefore accordingly...(Luke 12:47, 48)
I am thankful that God reads the hearts of people and I am leaving all of the judgement in his and in his son's hands.   We can pray for them....all of us fall short of the glory of I guess we can be grateful that we have had our eyes opened up a little bit.  However it still hurts to see so many who are trying to be good lead astray...most especially painful is the innocent little ones.  It pains me also to see the innocent children all around us in this world being mislead or mistreated.

Pray for the end of this age (Matt 28:20)..and there will be an end...Jesus will hand over the kingdom to his father. (1 Corinthians 15:24, 28 )...then finally God will be all things to everything.  
Only  God's kingdom on earth in it's fullness will fix all things...."Look...he is making all things new"....amen to that.  (that's the thing most of us are waiting for)

Agape, Obe


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Nov 27 15 10:17 AM

Yes, as time goes on, my appreciation for Revelation's depiction of the Harlot, is growing.Guilty for all the blood shed...not only of the faithful, but also for those condemned. She "sits" on many waters... people. She is like an umbrella of death.
But instead of feeling rage against the GB, I am just stunned with horror. 

Maybe its because I saw the spirit realm where these things were clearly depicted for me. I saw the punishment of death. I saw the corruption. I saw the wilderness of death where there was noting living... not even a blade of grass, from where, no one returns. 
I can't imagine what they will feel when they realize where they really stand with God. Yet even that, I was shown. Those dying in the winepress, were actually the ones enraged. Not sorry... not terrified... not turning to the only Savior...just enraged and indignant. I am still perplexed at their reaction to their end. That was a vision of the people, the waters upon which the Harlot sits. 

The only thing I saw about the feelings of the Harlot, was the viciousness of her beast, who reflected her hatred toward the faithful. Just like Cain.
I will be so glad when this is over. I apologize for the small portions of spiritual food at the Blog. I am so incredibly exhausted, and each post is like a trek through the desert. It's just one foot in front of the other, trying to keep going and not collapse. I know this agony will seem temporary and light when it is finally over. But right now, life is incredibly difficult. I wish I had more power, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
As you say, we really need to "persevere".I see some of why God chose me. I am very clear that I am nothing, and this work is not accomplished because of what I possess. Whatever glory I may receive, it is all God's. 

Just like a garden filled with soil...not only do we need to plant and cultivate the fine seed...we have to do some weeding. That weeding is ongoing, because Satan continues to try to plant bad seed in our hearts, and he keeps hoping it will take root. If we tolerate bad thoughts and don't "pluck it out"/"cut it off" (Matt.5:29-30), our heart will begin to change over to the one whose fine seed is "choked off" by thorns and briers. 
We must remain on guard, that we do not fall, and turn into a different kind of heart.
I am still weeding out the bad seed from the Harlot. You may have noticed in what I write, that some of my clarifications/refinements to past posts, are doing exactly that.
Like in the posts about the "second resurrection" and "Satan's release"... I still had to remove the false doctrine about when the "thousand years" takes place, and who the Great Crowd is, and who the "rest" are.
Even after I learn it, then I see how it effects the lies I believed and still accepted when I wrote something. So I have to root it out of things I myself taught, that no longer fit with the new wine, but rather, go along with the lies we were taught by the Harlot. It's like Jesus said... new wine belongs in new wine skins. You can't put the new truth inside of old understanding, and expect it to fit. When we realize the truth, we have to adjust everything that is connected to the facts, making it the new foundation of our faith and understanding.
Now I understand how Mal.3:1-3 applies to myself, today. I am still gaining insight. As I do, I must make the adjustments in what I have written, and then post it, as I am doing. Thankfully, there are not too many places where I assumed I already knew something. Yet still, I am learning to stop assuming anything, based upon the teachings of the WT. We have to be ready to discard everything to make room for the scriptures and spirit, and what they actually do say. If we do, Jesus promises that we will be given more. I have found those words, more than faithful.

Thank you for appreciating my work. I only wish I were stronger and could get more done. I am not doing enough, in comparison to what I could do with what I have received. I hope I get to accomplish much more. With the strength of God, I will. So few seem to have such appreciation. Yet for the few who do, I hope to be found faithfully caring for them.
The prophecies seem to point to a time, when what was accomplished, will be used more fully.
Yes,It is staggering to grasp how guilty the Harlot's are... how much death and destruction Satan has empowered her to cause, while in covenant with him. She is his vessel of death, just as surely as the faithful are Christ's vessels of life. "Women" are a perfect symbol for the covenants, and those sealed to become them (Gal.4:24,26). By means of them, kings produce their Seed... either of life, or of death.
The GB are truly, "the blind leading the blind". They are both headed for the pit (Eze.14:10Rev.13:820:15).

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Nov 30 15 8:42 AM

Hi Everyone,

JD - "Anointed are given the opportunity to be an extension of the Most Holy. But they can only be such by guarding Truth."

Your comment reminded me of Geoffrey Jackson's words in front of the Royal Commission of being "Guardians of Doctrine", a new term coined by many out there.  The GB are fiercely guarding their doctrine, and not guarding Truth, and they do so viciously by "killing" those guarding Truth.  I think about Jesus' anger over the condition of the temple -

When Jesus entered the temple courts, he began to drive out those who were selling. 46 “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be a house of prayer’; but you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’”  Luke 19:45,46

As both the Harlot and Beast buy and sell their "doctrine" they have robbed life from all in front of God's eyes.  They have robbed a chosen one's own sacrificial offerings by throwing "truth to the ground".  God's house has been "robbed" in righteous fruit of the lips as well as in lives of those who have sided with the Harlot.  

 “‘Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury, burn incense to Baal and follow other gods you have not known, 10 and then come and stand before me in this house, which bears my Name, and say, “We are safe”—safe to do all these detestable things?  Has this house, which bears my Name, become a den of robbers to you? But I have been watching! declares the Lord.  Jer 7:9-11

It is death and destruction as you say, Pearl, disguised as a spiritual paradise.  Yes Obadiah, thank goodness that God will read each heart with justice. With that justice I believe God will make evident to all who have been duped by the Harlot to see both sides.  I feel the call of Rev 18:4 must be a loud and clear one to all who, even though deceived as you and I were, will have no doubt as to which side they choose.  Perhaps in that day,we will understand the broad spectrum of God's justice.  In the meantime, it's all I can do to continue in the practice of good "soil" maintenance!  

For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.  Isa 41:13

I remember your weariness in my prayers, Pearl, as well as the blessing of endurance for all of us.



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Nov 30 15 4:00 PM

Hi Peely.
Good point about the cave of robbers. They have stolen from Christ! They have not waited till Gods Kingdom is really Born to start ruling with Him. They said he is ruling when Christ is not,just so they can have their lusts for power fulfilled. They have taken from Christ His invited Bride members. They act as another husband,in teaching His Virgin Anointed as a counterfeit "spiritual head"..and taken the chastity that belongs to Christ via lack of truth,just so they can rule without Christ.

As the Groom,He is entitled to His Bride. But the GB have accepted satans backing via the signs in satans world,to make it appear they rightfully have governnce over jws..which importantly includes Christ's invited bride members. They exist in a state of adultery against Christ!

This is why the verse you quote is such a good one. "Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury"..all done under the banner of Jahs name...and done by those who should stand for what is Holy.  Do the Gb commit perjury?  "the offence of wilfully telling an untruth or making a misrepresentation under oath". The GB have made an "oath" with Jah. They have agreed to be in a covenant with Him, as Adam did,to be guardians of truth. While under that agreed "oath" for a kingdom,they comitted  "the offence of wilfully telling an untruth or making a misrepresentation". They have willfully LIED and misrepresented Christ,saying they speak for Him spiritualy. Look at the lie of 1914. Their own kingdom interlinear has proof they KNOW the Kingdom was not Born in 1914,but they keep misrepresenting Jah by saying it is true,even publishing a book in 2013 "celebrating" 100 years of its establishment. BOLD FACE LIARS !

To me,this is why Jah hid the true pronunciation of His Name. He knew it would be mis-used with satans backing. ALL the spiritual spiritism is being done by "jehovah's witnesses" with apostate Anointed within the GB taking the lead in defiling the HOLY spirit and the one who sends it through His son. They will have to answer for this theft...and its clear why Christ,knowing about the impending apostacy,said about Jahs name "Let your name be sanctified". Let your name be set apart from the spiritual debauchery done in your name. Jah will make sure those who defame His name will be exposed for doing so!

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