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Oct 30 13 7:50 PM

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I hope this new format benefits all.   May Love rule here.
Jesus said that on these two comandments about Love, the entire law and the prophets hang. (Matthew 22:40)

 Paul says at 1 Corinthians 13...that if we don't have love...we have not profited at all.

May we all profit from Love.

Agape, Obadiah.
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Dec 2 13 7:15 PM

belongingtojah wrote:
Hi Obadiah,

I agree with you - it is important for us to show loving concern for one another and speak the truth from our hearts as we are led along by holy spirit.


Hello Joe.   I did not know you joined Peal's forum.    I apologize for not being here again until now. I still work full time and I am dealing with a moderate amount of physical pain lately over the past 10 months. Pearl said that even though the ones that will come here probably already have visited her site, they will still need encouragement.   I didn't think about this before, but I will try to visit here more. I thought the ones that had to be reached were the ones wandering on the other forums.  Since this forum is new I guess it will take time to grow.   I have to say that I have become weary meeting up with all the indifference on many of the forums.   Sometimes I sense a bad spirit with some of the editors and moderators on some forums.  I mean in particular Jwnet, which has since not allowed me to post.  I also noticed a resistance to consider that truth exists on the struggle forum.  It seems that opinions rule, and even though I accept that their are differrent opinions...I know there is only one truth.  Jesus said he came to bear witness to the truth. I don't know how you manage to keep your cool at the struggle ( It seems that you get around to a lot of forums). .  Sometimes I get exasperated, and I'm not even there a lot.  I only choose topics where someone seems to want an answer and then I try to point them in the right least what I believe to be the right direction..   Well Pearl thinks that this would be a good place to say hello to others and buld them up.  I will try to be more vigilant to this.  
Thank you for being so encouraging to others, both here and out there.

I'll see ya around...even here.  :LOL




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Dec 3 13 1:07 PM

Hi Obadiah,

Thanks for your encouraging post. Sorry to hear about your physical pain we all certainly do have need for endurance. I am only 61 and still I have arthritus pain to deal with every day and have been diagnosed with diabetes - So in some ways I do have empathy for you and pearl.

I certainly do understand how easy it is to get frustrated with some of the teachings on jwstruggle and like yourself I realize that it is important to be encouraging to others so I always take a deep breath and remember to try and let my replies be gracious and seasoned with salt as Paul said.

I think by using caution in how we reply that this is one way that we can reflect Jehovah and Jesus glory.

Your brother

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Dec 3 13 3:43 PM

Hello Joe,
Thanks for your comments.   I just wrote a lenghty bit about how frustrating it is on many of the forums out there...but then....zap! all disappeared.   Oh well, maybe it was too much rambling on.
I think you have the right attitude...I just can't understand how so many who have been treated so badly by the WT organizational "arrangement" can not see the elephant in the room.  I'm not saying that I have it all correct...we all only see partially.  Well, Pearl is making dinner and asking for my I guess my timing is off a little.  I will be on a run of work this week again.  It seems a lot of people took off for the holidays leaving those that don't celebrate to pick up the slack.  Thanks again ....see you around.

Agape, Obe. 

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Dec 10 13 7:37 PM

Hell Joe,
I hope your arthritis and diabetes are being managed well.  That can be tough to deal with.  I was bitten by deer ticks four different times.  I got treated three of those times.  I hope they got all the little buggers, but sometimes it seems that my joints ache more than usual.  I can hardly wait for God to make all things new.  (Mostly to end all the suffering that is taking place in this world)  
Pearl has more physical problems than I do, so I shouldn't complain too much.  It is good to have a place to visit .  Take care .

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