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Nov 20 14 9:44 AM

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When considering posting this, I decided it best fit under the catagory of "Experiences".

I thought it best to let all here know, some recent occurrences.

A few months back, I had a very odd experience.
I had signed into another blogspot account, where I am working on an in depth scriptural commentary about each verse within the Book of Revelation. While working within that site, it seemed I began having trouble with my vision. It became difficult for me to see. Saturating my peripheral field of vision, I saw flashing of bright white light and vivid colors. I turned from the screen as I began to feel ill. I wondered if I might be having a stroke.

I turned back to my screen in order to shut my PC down, and noticed that the more I looked at the screen, the more pronounced the ill effects became.
Feeling a bit dazed, I sat down in a comfortable chair, still trying to decide what was wrong, and what to do about it.

Before long, I realized that I was going to be sick, and had to rush to the bathroom.
After hours of being violently sick to my stomach, I was also in the throws of a most excruciating headache. I came to assume that this was a migraine, although it was like no migraine I had ever experienced. For three days I was bed ridden with head and eye pain, and vomiting. On the third day, I had to go to the hospital for the pain and dehydration.
I became clear within my own suspicions, that the onset of this episode was initiated by the image/light coming from my PC, but could not explain how this could be possible.
I felt so disturbed by this experience, that I decided to do my writing work within a paper notebook, to later be transferred to the website. I reasoned that this would limit the time I might be exposed to whatever might have cause the episode.
Over the months to follow, I worked on this as a hard copy project.
During this time, my memory faded about the whole experience of the odd looking screen/flashing lights/ill effects. I became occupied with answering letters and posting at the primary Blog.

Yesterday, I decided that it was a good idea to go into the reserve Blog that I have under a google email,
to transfer some of the work I had accomplished, so that it could be posted publicly.
After signing in and going into where the administrator (me) could design and compose the blog;
once again the image on the screen seemed to change. Once again I started to have vision problems and pain in my head.

I left that page, to go and set up another page. Google would not allow me to, despite the automatic process telling me that the URL domain I chose, was available.
Afterward, any blogpage that started with "pearl" was suddenly unavailable for use. I tried other letters to label a new blog, and then found that I was blocked from creating any new blog pages.
I returned to the blog page that I had previously set up.
When I went in there to compose again, the screen changed once again, resulting in visual disturbances and pain in my eyes and head.
I then remembered my previous experience, and remembered that it was associated with the same blog account.

Beginning to feel quite ill, I shut down my PC and started to shake and become very cold. My eyes became very sensitve to light. After about a half an hour of feeling disoriented, I decided to run a hot bath to try and get warm, but as the tub started to fill, I became violently ill. 
I called Obadiah at work to tell him what was going on, concerned that these effects might become increasingly debilitating.
I wanted to share with him the details of what had happened, in the event that I later became too ill to communicate.

I created a subdued and darkened environment, free of stimulation, and noticed that gradually, the flashing in my eyes and the nausea, subsided.
It has now been 24 hours since the latest episode began, and other than an odd feeling in my head and behind my eyes, as well as the ringing in my ears,
I am recovering.
I was quite curious to know if these episodes were a malady within my body, or if the symptoms were provoked by design, through my personal online account.

I was appauled, but to be honest, not completely surprised, by the information I found.
It seems that the technology has long existed for monitors (computer screens, cell phones, televisions) to be used to transmit light impulses, which can discupt the Central Nervous System of those who view such emissions. A transmission which is embedded with such emissions, enter the eye and travel along the retina, to the brain.
This technology is currently applied by some police forces, to control mobs. It is also currently used by some governments as...
"psychotronic warfare" to disorient people’s mental facilities as "Low-Intensity Conflict", using Modern Technology which is described as being used to subjugate and supress citizens who opposed their government. The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide-ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations... Some of these potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups...crowd control,...and anti-personnel techniques in tactical warfare. In all cases, the electro-magnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. In addition, the ability of individuals to function could be degraded to such a point that they would be combat ineffective."

The human mind is described in the article, as "having no firewall".
I cannot say for certain, what caused my debilitating episodes.
But I do suppose that my friends here, can surmise who would have the motive and resources to implement such a vicious assault.
I am personally convinced of the cause behind these episodes, and hope I am not viewed by you as having a paranoid delusion.
These episodes are not my only reason for drawing this conclusion.
I am frequently the target of a variety of assaults through the internet. Summarily,
I consider them as all coming from the same source, and the attacks described above as only a part of a larger group of strategies being used against my work.

Whether or not the readers here agree with my conclusions,
I thought it best to publicize my experiences. 
Personally, I am shocked at the idea, that anyone would act according to a vicious intent to cause such harm. I would never consider treating even my enemies, with such malice. For Jesus tells us, to love our enemies, and to pray for those who persecute you. God Himself provides so many good things, even to the wicked.
Accordingly, I will continue to pray for whoever I believe to be behind these attacks. 
But I still believe that these things should be brought out into the open, because at least within my own mind, they help solidify my faith in the fulfillment of prophecy, concerning the stealth enmity and hateful rage against the woman and her "seed".

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Nov 20 14 7:14 PM

Hi Barb,
I watched the film, thanks. I'm sure there are a lot of crimes against humanity being researched, funded and used, but certainly not being publicized.
I don't suspect that I am the target of microwaves, but I don't know enough about it to know how it might be used.
I know that certain frequencies of light can be used through monitors, and this is what I suspect might be involved with my own maladies.
I can't be certain of what is going on, but I am reasonably sure that it is not my body on it's own that is causing these symptoms.
In any case, I will continue to pray for God's aid in enduring in the work assigned to me, and trust that our Father's purposes will be accomplished, either through me or others of His choosing.
Thanks for your reply. Doing better tonight, but not back to myself. Just taking it easier for now.

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Nov 21 14 3:27 PM

Hi sorry to hear about you getting attacked hope your doing better. 

I am not suprised about this. The goverments of the devil uses all sort of means to keep us down and keep us as slaves to his system.
They put fluorid and more in our water they feed us with suger, diary, gluten and a lot of food  without any real healthy or nutrition ingridiens. They use the mobil phones waves to disropt our system, the tv has signals that blocks us, what and how to learn us in school its all conectet to keep us from awaken from love and to see its alot of better ways to live. To keep the little elite super rich and the rest of us as slaves for their money and the system. We are born with debt we have almost no way to live with out being a part of their system. Only opptsion is to live in the woods or something before Christ will rule. I have been reading quit a bit about the bank systems and its so crazy how when they give us loan they create this money from nothing and but hard intress on it. Quit funny to see how the world has been created to have poor and rich. I dont want to sound like conspiracy theoriest but now of course its like a lot of this he had to have some people he used to rule the others so he could get the world as he wanted. I dont know so much about light they use to keep us on the dark but all kind of microwaves can sure be used to do bad.

May you all have blessing from our Lord and our God.


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Nov 25 14 12:22 PM

Just wanted to thank all the kind messages I received, and ask once again for your prayers in behalf of my work.
I know that we are all struggling, but please pray for me, that I might finish and fulfill my calling.
There is a great amount of opposition, and on my own strength, I am unable to accomplish all that is assigned.
I hope you all are doing okay, and look forward to hearing more from each of you here.

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Nov 26 14 5:38 AM

Hi Pearl, I hope you are feeling alot better. Sorry I haven't been on much, alot has been going on including the back problem I mentioned to you in my emails, it's only just started to ease up some-what, so I am happy about that.
With regards to your pc screen etc, there are many tactics used through computers, TV, this certainly could have what you have experienced, itis known that there are subliminal messages sent to try & induce a form of mind control, there are accounts of this sort of thing being tested on soldiers going back to the 1940's or around that time & I image after that too. Also the constant glare alone from a screen & many hours viewing it can make you feel sick with headaches etc, Whatever it was I hope it doesn't happen to you anymore & you have recovered from it's affects.

Warm & loving regards,

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Dec 2 14 2:38 PM

Hello dear Pearl,You’ve been through so much and yet your endurance is incredible.  I don’t doubt in the least who put you through this.  I’ve had my own sort of tests and they become easily recognizable now.  I’m sure I speak for all of us in saying not only we have your back, but the Father, Christ and His Holy Spirit do in full measure.  Giving us this insight keeps us aware of just what you’re going through and we can pray even more so. 

I hope Obadiah is doing okay; I’m sure this type of thing adds stress the entire household. 

War to the end, Pearl. 

peely :)


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Dec 23 14 6:41 AM

Hello All,
I just wanted to let you all know that I got a letter from one of you. It sounded like you were unable to post here.
I went and checked the settings of our members, and found that a number of them had been changed to "default", which was not the default setting I had set up.
The result is that some of you were unable to post, even though I did not cause this.
I have checked everyone's settings, and have adjusted the ones needing it,  so that you should now be able to start new threads and also reply on them.
Please let me know if any of you are still having a problem.

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