Nov 2 14 7:00 PM

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Hi Pearl

Sure I can post them on the forum. I start now then. =) I am very happy to hear that they have been to comfort to you as your letters are to me. When I see all you have publised and knowing your of the modist and humbel person I can imagian that it was little hard for you as well. My shyness dont matter when it comes to doing the will of Christ. It is something that I need to conqer.
Thank you for making an exampel of putting the Lord first.

Yes I have the same thought How can you love a brother or just a fellow person if they starve or have any from of need that can be stopped or helped with my aid. And when he is a brother then ofcourse I want help him.I have used westernunion many times all I reall need is his name and its Sas Gavril?.The only law we have is to love each other. By this we show we love Jehovha. And giving money is really the most easy way of showing love. Its more of an effort to write and take personal intres.Like everyone at the forum is so good to. It will be nice to read what he has published. Romania its not that far maybe I can even go visit him of the Lord wants this.
Thank you for showing brotherly love.

Glad to hear I did right with the person I read about at the jwstruggel forum.And ofcourse I will keep doing this=) I have given my life to Christ and I will go where his voice is  and do what he tells me to do as long as I live.
If its anything I can help you with please ask me. I want to be of help. When Jesus washed the feet of the apostels how much more do I not ow it to help and do service to my brothers and sisters if I can.
Its all so new to me but I have never been happier atleast in the spirit and thats what matters in the end. To feel the truth in a light of freedom and no more have the chains of the org.That has limited or hold away the light of love from our savior Jesus. All the need for love will be meet soon as you say, and already I am feeling it very strong. Even if missing my wife and sure want to find a new if the Lord grants it. In other sides of love its such a uplifting place to be and reading at the forum and feeling the connection with like minded and hearted people is really fantastic.
I really dont see how I could be a Choosen with all my faults and sinful ways in my youth. When looking at my childhood and at the time upto now well it explains somethings atleast. I read you letter about your childhood I can see some simolereties. Very nice and brave of you to share. Thank you for sharing.

Yes after all does years "eating" spirutale lies in the org beliving so hard and firmly this is the truth. No one can understand the truth in the light for Christ if he dont shows it. And our heart must be of clay and let him form you.
It is so nice and encoreging to see how you keep the humble spirit showing Jehovha and our Lord the honor in your work from them. and  even though all you have been showed. I think it can be easy to get high thoughts etc, Even Moses made this error  with the water cliff and not to give God the creditt.He did not choose you and give you this gift of insight and profecing of the scribturs without a good reason;) He choosed wisely as always. Again Thank you for being a role model of modesti also.

Thank you for all your work for the Lord and being a shepard for his lambs in the wilderness leading them to a safe haven of spirutal food and of Love.

I pray for you and everyone at the forum daily that Jehovah must keep blessing everyone of you and keep you strong in this hard times.
I hope in prayer that your health is doing ok? Did you read about the the natur medisin I told you about?

Love in Christ