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Oct 30 13 7:12 PM

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At Heb.10:24,25 we read,
"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching."

It is my hope that this place can be used for this purpose.
Please use this scripture as a guide for your motives and expressions.
Love in Christ,
Pearl Doxsey

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Nov 3 13 8:01 AM

Thanks Joe...Yes. I know there are many forums, but different spirits dominate them, and there is much intolerance of truth. We are a cozy little group thus far, but I don't look at numbers as having too much meaning. I have discovered recently, that when full truth does arrive, the scriptures tell us that many will be seeking it ("roving about"), but as I recently discovered, not many will find it, despite all their searching (Dan.12:4Amos8:12,11;Rev.6:5,6Matt.7:13,14Luke13:23,24,25Rev.9:6).
I am glad you have joined us here, as well as "Peely". I pray the Fathers's spirit will bless our gathering together.

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Nov 15 13 7:55 AM

Hello everyone!

I have had some trouble making any comment stay put, so will try once more to give you, Pearl, much thanks for providing this forum.  Also, belongingtojah, as well as Obadiah (I have read some of your articles on your blog) it is good to see you here.  It is wonderful to have this spiritual avenue providing good food which I hope many people will find as time goes on. 

I do have a question:  How do any of you perceive Romans 11:11 where it says, "But through their fall, to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles."  I have the general idea, of course, but would love some more clarification on it. 

Again, thank you all for being here!


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Nov 16 13 9:51 AM

Dear Peely,
I cover the context of Rom.11:11 at 4woman, under "Anointed Flock, The Truth". If you enter that in the search box at the site, it should bring up the right page (I am having trouble with the links here).
In addition I would say this...
Rom.11:11 reads,
"I say then, that they have stumbled that they should fall? Certainly not! But through their fall, to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles."

Jesus became the "stone of stumbling" for most Jews (1Pet.2:7,8; Rom.9:32; 1Cor.1:23). He was not the king/messiah they were expecting, nor what they wanted (Zech.9:9; Matt.21:5,6,7).
So this is what Rom.11:11 is referring to, when it first says that the Jews stumbled. 
But did this happen because God wanted them to fall from His grace? ("that they should fall")
As Paul says..."Certainly not!"
God did not make Christ a humble king, whose kingdom did not resemble the glory of Satan's world, just to stumble the fleshly Jews!
This fall was for discipline. When they fell, God turned to the Gentiles for additional heirs. Through this fall and loss, there was the hope that this would move them to jealousy, and the realization that if they were to regain the favor with God that they had lost (through their rejecting God's Son), they would need to repent (Acts2:36,37,38,39). This was the only hope left to the Jews; and this realization came to the repentant, by means of salvation to the Gentiles (just as Rom.11:11 concludes).
Remembering that the Jews were already in the Covenant with Abraham and eligible for the kingdom (should they accept it's kingdom messiah, or repent of their rejecting him),
all they needed to do (while the Abrahamic covenant remained open to them) was accept Christ (as the apostles did) or, repent of rejecting him. They would then become heirs of the kingdom, as was promised to Abraham their forefather. When the covenant was finally concluded and closed (after 7 years), no more favoritism would be shown the Jews (Acts10:34,35) (original fulfillment of Dan.9:27). The first 3 1/3 of favor being shown the Jews, was during Christ's ministry (Matt.15:24; 10:6). The second period of 3 1/2 years expired afterward, and since that expiration of favoritism, the New Covenant alone commenced, and all future heirs would require a personal selection by God.
I will post this reply at the site today, in case you would like to read it with the pop-up scriptures. I have also put additional thoughts there.

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Nov 16 13 7:25 PM


This, and your additional thoughts on your blog made it clear for me and I was able to use the information to help an old friend who presently believes in the physical restoration of Israel and God's promises made in Genesis.  Your scriptural reminders from Genesis were perfect timing!  My friend's words were, "Our Father in heaven has some unfulfilled promises for the Jews, so they have to be around to prove that Jehovah keeps his promises". Funny, this person also believes in Christ's sacrifice.  Perhaps this thought is common among people; Jews restored to their physical homeland as well as believing in Christ. I am clueless on why this is.  Your effort on posting the answer needed is well appreciated.  Thank you!

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Nov 17 13 5:26 PM

Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe Me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father. John4:21
This is because they would worship with spiritand truth, not centered on a location.

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Jan 11 14 10:48 AM


May love abound in us. 1 Peter 4:7-8 "But the end of all things has drawn close. Be sound in mind, therefore, and be vigilant with a view to prayers. 8 Above all things, have intense love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.

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Jan 11 14 1:28 PM

I had an opportunity to share this forum and Pearl's website to a friend of my niece that left the organization 13 years ago and was from my old congregation. She contacted me after reading my apology to my niece on facebook. (I thought it was for my niece's eyes only). I'm not facebook savvy either, She asked to see my 9 page letter I sent to the elders and ironically one was her brother. Her mom is pressuring her to come back by using all the scare tactics available.

I thought I'd share my 2nd response, since I'm pretty excited to provide some encouragement to someone who is genuinely searching. She has a little boy now.

Sarah, my heart goes out to you and I really do understand the turmoil you've withstood. Please know that spiritually, you are in a very safe place and as well-intentioned as your family is, they are only doing what they've been "programmed" to do.

I know it may seem like a nasty way to describe it, but I can look back on my past actions and know that I was the same way. The organization has changed a lot from when I came in back in the 70's. When you're a Catholic and then taught that there's no hellfire and the dead are just that and no soul lives on, it is like nothing you've ever heard of and makes perfect sense and you are learning from God's Word. I can honestly say that as a Catholic, I really never saw Jesus and his Father as one in the same and it was a relief to see their true relationship. Then to find out the kingdom you've been praying about is something that can be explained and the basis is Jesus sacrificial death, well what other proof do you need to know that this is the truth. These were things I could not let go of after I discovered the sinister aspect of the organization. There had to be a reason why what seemed like a loving atmosphere at one time was so mean and judgmental now!

I believe our Heavenly Father knew my heart and that I was one elder regardless of what the other elders were doing or not doing, that really wanted to take care of his sheep and helped me find the answers to my questions. I knew the organization wasn't acting Christian, but needed to find out if it ever really was and if so, what happened. I, like you, searched ex-JW sites and after finding out the real definition of the word apostate. It actually means a deviation from the Jewish faith and mentioned directly two times in the scriptures. The one most notable was when Paul was accused of being apostate when those trying to re-insert the Mosaic Law into the Christian congregation accused him of "straying". What is out there is actually the opposite of apostate, because most of it is true for starters.

The problem I saw for myself, was that the organization earned my trust and I never saw any reason to ever question them and it was always stressed that they were the only ones calling on Jehovah for salvation. Guess what, they did more than twist the scriptures in this regard, they literally changed it and the reason the religious community doesn't even consider the NWT as a serious translation. Even the teachings of the Freemasons found their way into the NWT, by referring to Jesus on at least two occasions as "Grand Master". Grand Master is the leader of the worship centers that the Freemasons have set up all over the world. This is all available via internet and I believe the Watchtower is paying attention to what's being said now, because Ruthie and I checked it out in the new Bible and they did take it out. But why was there in the first place!

When my "eyes were starting to be opened, I told Ruthie that it's like when a loving and trusted husband would tell his wife he has to work late, then some time later his wife finds two tickets to a movie in his pockets for that same night. When confronted, he explains that he and his (male) buddy had to unwind after getting their work finished that night and went to see a movie and since his wife has no reason to mistrust him, buys into his explanation, but now has this in the back of her mind. She pays just a little more attention to details and when another difficult to explain situation arises, his wife then starts to look for acts of betrayal and eventually finds overwhelming proof that her husband has been unfaithful for quite some time, yet managing to keep up appearances and constantly reassuring her of his love. How many women stay with their cheating husband? Many today actually do, to the chagrin of close friends and family that really do love them. This is what I see in the organization today and some comments from those I've personally talked to early on. They make expressions such as "I don't care if you're right, I'm gonna live in the Paradise and I hope you can come to your senses and be there too." They're blinded like those the Bible speaks of at 1 Corinthians 4:3 to the real "good news."

You mentioned Ray Franz and I read his "Crisis of Conscience" and about a third of his second book "Christian Freedom"and found it extremely helpful to see a behind the scenes look at the true nature of the organization and the battle that the governing body has been waging from back when they changed over from the board of directors to the governing body. What becomes very clear through much documentation (actual letters at Bethel) is that the role of the anointed has been diminishing to the point now where they have been shoved aside by the Governing Body and are no longer relevant in the organization. Ray didn't see that this was actually the fulfillment of the parable of the wheat and the weeds, where the weeds are not Christendom, the way the Society has explained it, but that just like in the first century, they are false anointed. Paul said at 1 John 2:19: New International Version
"They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us."

Christendom was never part of God's organization, therefore could not be the "weeds" that Satan sowed in among the "wheat" that Jesus sowed. Remember that in the parable, they were in the same field, so we should expect God's organization to be corrupted and that like in any field the weeds eventually become very obvious. I believe the "weeds" to be the governing body, because they now proclaim to be "the faithful and discreet slave", whereas in the past the "slave" were the whole number of anointed partaking of the emblems. When you see the actions of these men, you realize their "calling" does not originate with the Father or Son (Jesus actually chooses these like he did when on earth), but actually from Satan.

So where did the "wheat" (true anointed) end up? They're literally being disfellowshipped from their own congregations for not going along with the organizational lies being promoted and taught. I met two sisters back in the 80's that professed to be of the anointed when I went to Altoona to preach in "seldom worked territory" when I was pioneering and spent the evening talking with them. It was such a refreshing change from what I was used to and they were so humble. I remember them telling me that they would send in letters to the WTS for consideration and publishing and that was how the spiritual food was to arrive to us. This is what the anointed all over the world were doing, but after I read Ray Franz books, realized these true anointed ones had really been shut out of the whole process and those in the writing department were not of the anointed and just about everything was rushed out the door with little regard for Biblical accuracy. The President had the final say on what actually went into print.

There are many prophecies related to the "weeds" getting the upper hand at this time (many in Revelation) and that God will reveal the true "wheat" at His time.

Romans 8:19 (NIV)

19 For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.
After much "digging for hidden treasure", I found that many sites led to belief in the Trinity, which a lot of ex-JW's, including my oldest daughter Carolyn gravitate toward. This is understandable to me, because the organization had us so focused on Jehovah and how He dealt with the nation of Israel, Jesus role never really stood out like it should have. Jesus mediated the New Covenant and chooses those to rule with him and is his Kingdom until he hands it back over to his Father. Your friend was right in that it's pretty simple how we can please God and that's the kind of person we are in imitation of Jesus, who was kind and loving toward EVERYONE. We can't forget though, that Jesus did make something very clear:

John 17:17
New International Version (NIV)
17 Sanctify them by[a] the truth; your word is truth.

The expression "the truth" is nothing more than a catch-phrase with the WTS, but it should mean something to those of us searching for answers from God's Word.

This is where my search led me to;

The articles are quite lengthy, but extremely supported by scripture. I believe, she is truly one of the anointed and I have posted some of my thoughts and observations as well on her forum:

It's a very comfortable and encouraging haven for those of us that have seen and experienced the cruelty and corruption of the Watchtower. As always our Father will always be there for any of us:

Philippians 4:6-7
New International Version (NIV)
6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I'm sorry for being so "preachy", but feel blessed to have an opportunity to share some of the wonderful things I have learned which have transformed me to being truly happy and medication-free. Yes, I like most of the Witnesses I know would have to take anti-anxiety meds from time to time. Most still "in" have no idea of what it's doing to them on a daily basis,....truly mentally and emotionally fatiguing! Reading the Bible now is refreshing and not a chore like it once was and it's so clear what the truth really is. A lot of the "deeper things" are what's going to be revealed to everyone right after Armageddon and referred to as "books being opened" at Rev. 20:12 (NIV). It's a little complicated to explain, but this is not "new scrolls" that the WTS explains as if there was going to be a new Bible to tell us how to live in the "new system." And really, actual 1000 years to become perfect with no Satan there to mislead us! Revelation is symbolic, so those without understanding are not worthy to know the truth. This was the same reason Jesus gave for why he spoke in illustrations and why even his own apostles didn't fully understand Bible truths until they were anointed with holy spirit at Pentecost in 33 CE, yet served as pillars for the truth afterward.

Sarah please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing,


Thanks again Pearl for your efforts in providing this forum and spiritual food as we strive to do all things for God's glory.

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Jan 11 14 2:48 PM

Ok.  I will try this again. I will catch on to this..  I don't know where my posts are going.   Anyway, thank- you Ryan for sharing that nice letter with us. 
And thank-you for the scripture Jennifer.  May love abound.

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Feb 3 14 4:08 PM

Hi everyone.
My name is Andre. Thought it was about time I at least introduced myself and thanked you all for sharing your various experiences and thoughts. I find them very humbling, encouraging and strengthening. I have read most and unfortunately while thinking I was properly signed up a while back wrote a somewhat lengthy, for me, introduction only to discover the submit did not work. I will give a brief one here, hoping it is an appropriate spot (I am unclear whether I should start a thread or tack on somewhere at the risk of hijacking). I was formerly Catholic and as time wore on decided too many things were unscriptural based on what knowledge and feel I had of scripture. My search began and while attempting to study the bible on my own. At some point I decided I needed help and asked our Heavenly Father for someone to help me with my study. No sooner said than within days a "JW" knocked at my door. It is an interesting story how and who came knocking but perhaps another time. It is the quickest yes I think that person has gotten to a bible study inquiry. In any event I was learning stuff that brought many things into perspective yet I was questioning all the while. While some things nagged at me and I delayed for a very long time I finally proceeded to being baptized. Immediately after, I had what I would call a crisis of faith, What the heck had I done... I now felt marked as the realization of the "in association with God's spirit directed organization" addition to the baptism process hit me like a rock. I am somewhat embarassed to say how I dealt with this but after praying and asking for forgiveness, I actually baptized myself all over again. Since then I have been on guard and becoming more and more incensed at rules, phrases, utterings and "new light" from the "FSD" while trying to condition and temper my manner (to be mild and loving to our brothers/sisters). Being "in the org but not of the org". until I am thrown out or patience is exhausted and I leave. I have very little motivation to attend meetings except out of responsibility to a bible study (perhaps you have seen my query to Pearl re his publisher intentions opposed by elders/the playbook. So in contrast to many of you, I think my "tribulation" is still in it's early stages and likely to accelerate after an upcoming meeting.
Thank you Pearl for the invite and your efforts to help us all by way of your blog, this site and your role in the body of Christ. Thank you all again for sharing your personal stories.

May the love and peace of Christ and our heavenly Father be with you all.

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#12 [url]

Feb 4 14 4:54 AM

Welcome Andre!  Your story is unique in that you were never indoctrinated and under the spell some of us were.  You are in the position to help as many see the truth before they shun you.  It is so hard to hold in our emotions and the things you will see and hear will put you to the test.  Even before I found Pearl, I began praying for Holy Spirit and to know what was happening.  I truly know that Holy Spirit helped me find the truth and who was dispensing it.  
You could start to show your Bible study all you found. ( I'm sure you already are).  Keep us all informed because  all here care and have been through this.  
I remember how they are treating your study.  I am going to go now and find your question on publisher intentions and read it again.  Greetings and love.

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#13 [url]

Feb 4 14 8:02 AM

Hello Andre,
Welcome to this place of refuge.    It is not like the other least we would like to keep it that way....  we are trying to be here to only comfort and share our eperiences with each other....Many other forums are places of "debate" and  exchange of "opinions".    As difficult as it is not to get drawn into a "discussion" like those, (I myself failed on this at times) we all have to keep in mind that Pearl wants this place to NOT be like those other  welcome can start a new thread of introduction of what happened to you if you would like, in this way people can read it and comment to you....but it is okay to put it here also.... 
It seems that as Debbie said, you are in a special position to help many who have not shunned you yet...the heat will be turned up as you question more and more...and especially as you speak up and share with those in your are are in the early stages...but be warned...take advantage of the time you have won't take long before you get outted.  You may want to consider what others here have done.  The reason why we  write a letter of warning to all we can in order to prove obedient to God...As JWs we were always taught how important is was to give a witness to others about the truths we are learning.   This actually is a real requirement of warn others of the danger.... (Ephesians 4:25)  If we just walk away, we are not taking care of our obligation toward men and God
(Ezekiel 33:6)
6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.’
We will be doing this warning to our own fellow members of the congregation in oppostion to the Organization...they don't want us to do this.
 ...We expect to be thrown out for doing this. (Rev 11:7) (Rev 6:9) (Rev 13: 15)  We are willing to accept this "death" (disfellowshipping) because we love others and are willing to lose the life we knew in order to offer them life through truth. (John 15:13) (1 Tim 4:16)  ( many have written these letters and mailed them to everyone in their congregation....this way they get warned, and they are not kept in the dark as to the reason that you get disfellowshipped).   Isn't it ironic that we get thrown out for doing the very thing they say we must do.  Only because we refuse to continue propagating their lying doctrines.  What hypocrisy !  How clearly having the mark of the Beast (our thinking and our actions) is being revealed.
This addresses what you said about continuing going to meeting for the sake of your bible student.  When you do this , are you showing subjection to God or the organization?   Which do you desire your student to do?  
(Sitting among those teaching and accepting lies is not the will of God)
(Psalm 26:4,5)
English Standard Version
I do not sit with men of falsehood, nor do I consort with hypocrites.
I abhor the assembly of evildoers and refuse to sit with the wicked.

(!Cor 6:17) (1 Cor 10:21)
Most here have been through this process, so feel free to ask for support.
Pearl and I have published "warning letters" at her 4 woman site.  All the letters others here have sent are good also.  Ask them if you wish.

Welcome again,
Agape, Obadiah

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#14 [url]

Feb 6 14 7:57 AM

Hello Andre!

My heart goes out to you as you weigh in on just where you stand with the organization. The comments here that say you are in a unique position is true.  Your friends haven't turned their back on you yet, giving you a chance for a wonderful witness of truth.  Present the "honest weights and honest scales" to those you love and hold on to this congregation for endurance to see you through.  Pearl helped me so much when I was facing the same, wondering why I was continually shunned when I presented nothing but truth and upheld the Father and His Son. 

Now that I am disfellowshipped I am relieved and blessed.  Just yesterday I sent a text to someone who was on my mass mailing list earlier (banned from reaching her now by email according to her husband) and gave her the link to this forum saying, "I have nothing to lose by sending this, you have everything to gain by entering into a congregation built on Heb 10:24,25. A brief heartfelt conversation ensued; perhaps she hasn't turned her back just yet to genuine spiritual truth! 

I'll pray for you Andre!  Holy Spirit will give you incredible strength to finish this as you are most assuredly already aware!



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#15 [url]

Feb 6 14 9:55 AM

Thanks all. Most comforting to read your encouragement.
I do share what I have found as I feel is appropriate. Sometimes to what amount to gasps. I once made reference to "corrections" and was quickly responded to with "new light". Sometimes I actually get responses that suggest they are perhaps waking up. As for the Bible student, he is well aware and from the get go I advised where I saw scriptural differences. We are both appreciative and find it no coincidence we were "placed" together (yet another interesting story LOL).

I have a sense of how Jesus felt about the sheep being tossed about as I sit at meetings and see our brothers and sisters listen to phrases like "the truth", "Jehova's organization", "FDS" and "Christendom" in particular contexts. All the while knowing these include really good people seeking to do the will of our heavenly Father. Just the system of things and conditioning and fear of men and of loss prevents some from waking up. Interesting that recently there appears to be a theme that stresses obedience, the elders, murmuring etc. without mention of Acts 4:19, 20 etc. But you all know this, I guess I am venting a bit. I know I need to get beyond this.

Thanks so much for the prayers, feedback and kind words of encouragement. They are so helpful, more than I realized they would be.

I will revisit those letters etc.. and would appreciate any you all wish to share. In addition to content, timing is one aspect I wonder about.

Love in Christ.

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#16 [url]

Feb 6 14 2:17 PM

  Hello Andre and welcome. I could really relate to what you've experienced on your spiritual journey from Catholicism to what it means to accept Christ. I was 15 and had no clue as a Catholic what the "kingdom" really was and the true relationship between the Father and Son. My mom prayed the "novena" for an answer to her prayers as to why the Catholic Church couldn't supply the answers to questions on divorce and who shows up at the end of it (the novena), guessed it,...the JW's. They gained our trust, like they did with you, but realizing that we're seeing the "weeds" (governing body) in Jesus parable of the wheat and the weeds really show their true colors, I would say that you caught on pretty quickly as to their real identity. Back in the 70's, it wasn't as noticeable and the internet wasn't around to expose them as it is doing a pretty capable job of doing now. There is a reason and I don't want you to think you have been on the wrong road all along, because no one has been able to preach and teach about the kingdom as the JW's do and I believe 2 Thess. chapter 2 explains how our Heavenly Father has dealt with the issue of how to make sure those believing in lies like the trinity, hellfire and immortality of the soul, can come out from Satanic teachings and embrace His solution to the dilemma of how to get things back on track after Adam's defection. The Witnesses were the only ones who could direct attention to Genesis 3:15 as the solution and that is how to have ALL things reconciled to God once again. 

 Was there any other religious organization even close? The key, which you have identified, maybe without even realizing it, was that you saw "the disgusting thing standing in the Holy Place" and knew something was seriously wrong. Pearl has some really informative articles that would probably make a lot of sense to you right now on just this topic. With me, it was the July 2013 Watchtower, where the GB identified themselves as THE faithful and discreet slave  They are not the 'disgusting thing", but are responsible for promoting them (the elders). What might take awhile to fully understand is the role the elders are playing, because for over many years the GB has been elevating them to a position that they DO NOT qualify for. They have been referring to them as the "seven stars" in Jesus right hand as well as "the princes" who will reign on the earth in the "new system". Both designations belong to the anointed and at Rev. 5:10, it talks about the anointed as "ruling on (or upon) the earth". Look at the Society's Greek Interlinear and you will see that the true interpretation of Rev. 5:10 is that they (the anointed) will rule on the earth and if we truly understand Jacob's ladder, realize that the 144,000 will spend a lot of "quality time" on the earth and fulfill Rev.22:17.

 My heart goes out to you my brother, because you have decided to "pick up your cross or torture stake and follow Christ". It's not an easy course, but you will enjoy the true Christian freedom Galations chapter 5 talks about and you have a small window to reach others still in the organization. The question I placed with my wife was "how can you go to a complete stranger's door and tell them not to just accept their religious leader's words without some scrutiny, yet refuse to do the same yourself?" One of the few times she was stopped in her tracks and admitted that was a valid point. Unfortunately, "the truth" is just a catch-phrase they repeatedly use with no real basis for. CONFORMITY has been, is and will continue to be all that matters to most Witnesses. They can't help it, because of the way their teaching is distributed. The Public Talks have taken on more of a manuscript format as opposed to when I "came in" where elders could make up their own. Even young ones aren't allowed to express their understanding of the Bible Reading anymore,...they are only permitted to read, without interjecting any of their own researched thoughts. The Watchtower Study is nothing more than the answers being so painfully obvious, that it leads to very little "outsdide research".

 This is no accident, but a well thought out means to control the masses and have them be "obedient" to whatever the GB decides to be relevant or even "new light" Even the children's video about Sparlock the Warrior Wizard screams of "listen, OBEY and be blessed". All we can do my brother is plant the seed, water it and hope God makes it grow.


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#17 [url]

Feb 8 14 8:44 AM

Dear Ryan,
I am glad to see that you point out the difference between the "WT's" interpretation of the "Man of Lawlessness" of 2Thess.2...
and the true interpretation of the "disgusting thing standing in a Holy Place"/"Man of Lawlessness standing in God's Temple".
That "Man" of 2Thess.2:4 can not be "Christendom"; which the "WT" teaches is the interpretation of what stands in "God's Temple".
This is not accurate, because according to scripture, the "Temple" is actually the anointed (1Cor.3:16).
The corrupting force of the Man of Lawlessness, is in/among/set up above,
the genuine Temple of God's chosen priests. The parallel of this to the "disgusting thing" (Man of lawlessness) in the "Holy Place" (Temple),
is unmistakable. That Holy Place cannot be "Christendom", which is not God's priesthood serving in his Temple arrangement.
Neither can this "disgusting thing in a Holy Place" be the U.N., touting itslf as God's Kingdom.

As you have aptly said, the genuine fulfillment of these symbols is now discernable in all their scriptural detail.
The counterfeit priestood (elders) now stand over God's anointed Temple priesthood, trampling them into subjection
according to the will and design of Satan. Why?
While the invited chosen are in subjection to this power and authority (rather than in subjection to God); the final number will remain unsealed;
and Satan will remain ruler of this world.

The Man of lawlessness of 2Thess.2 is the same identity as the first Wild Beast (from the "sea"), that "conquers the holy ones" (Rev.13:7,18).
The individuals who make up that composite "man"/"beast", are the locust scorpions of Rev.9:3,4.

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Feb 18 14 6:17 PM

I am a woman from Norway, and I just want to say hello..My story is 26-27 years in the org ..singel mum - all the time - to a now grown up. I feel so sorry that I did not take good care of my sons spirituallity because of the klima in our congregration .. He had all the qualities - most of all LOVE - and he was bullied bouth in the cong (being too spiritually? at least more than the sons of the elders at the same age) AND outside by his primary school teacher for being a jw. He has had some experiences (since he became an adult) along those of some anointed I have read about ..Maybe I'll come back to that later ..He claimed to be saved by an angel when he was going to kill himself almost 2 years ago..and there is more .. So thank you Pearl for the correspondence you have published on your 4woman site, I am going to show it/read it to him ..I feel I have to help him with all this new knowledge ..We have for years now seen the lack of real love between brothers .. I think many are so afraid of stepping outside doctrines so they just do what they are told ...I could tell a lot of how it is in this could country - I thought for years it had to do with us beeing norwegians - but now I see it's like that almost everywhere ...Wait for Jehovah, they always said.. Now I'm saying: what if Jehovah is waiting for you ? ..Thank you all for this haven. B

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Feb 19 14 8:42 AM

Dear Berucha,
I am very glad that you are here with us. I am sad to hear about how your son had so much trouble as a child. God sees such injustice to the fragile. It is the treatment given all those who are loving...especially to those who God favors. I hope your talking to him goes well. It sounds like he is in a lot of pain.
The Wild Beast is just as Bible prophecy describes it. It is very powerful, and able to put much pressure on the inner hearts of those captive to it's lies.
Even though it claims to be a paradise of Love, the truth is coming out.
Yes, you are right. We are not waiting for God to leave the lies...
He is waiting for us to leave them.
I hope this place proves to be a comfort to you and your son.
There is not a lot of activity here all the time. We are all busy doing our assigned work. But we do stop in now and then as needed.
If you speak up about a need, you will see that others are ready to show their love and support.
We all need the prayers of our true friends.
Love in Christ,

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Feb 23 14 8:22 AM

Welcome Berucha,

Sad to hear about the way you and your son were treated. It is the way the Beast is. I hope this place gives you some comfort.
We all do need the prayers of each other and God's spirit to help us get through all of this.

Agape, Obadiah

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