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Nov 2 14 3:08 PM

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This is a letter I sent to a Jw friend who had been feeling spiritually low, down trodden & judged. I had known for a fair while that he was struggling due to having to work away from home alot just so he could provide for his family. He felt that the elders did not undersatnd the situation he was having to endure & they only seemed concerned about him getting to meetings  etc. I truly feel for him as he is a really nice guy who I feel needs real support. He knew some-what of my struggles within the organization & could not understand why I had been judged the way I was. We have very similar interests in music & views so I thought I might be able to appeal to him & help him see through the vale that so many are kept in darkness with.
Since sending the letter I have not heard back from him as of yet. I really hope that I have not offended him in any way as all I wanted to do was offer him help, support & the Truth. I hope that maybe I have planted a seed that will grow. I have not named him for obvious privacy reasons, so replaced his name with "friend".

Hi friend, here is how I see it regarding the Truth, Jehovah & Jesus. Firstly let me just say that I love Jehovah God & Christ Jesus with all my heart & I only answer to them, not to any man. Jesus said that many would come & mislead us, this is why we should only trust in the words God & Christ Jesus & not men. I have done so much research into the scriptures & compared with the watchtower. All I want to do is serve Jehovah the right way, he knows our hearts!I have always believed that it's important to believe the teachings of the Bible in order to come into/to gain the truth but the Bible does not point to a certain religion or religious organization as being “the Truth.” At John 14:6 Jesus proclaimed, “I am the truth,” and in HIS prayer to the Father, HE said, “Sanctify them by means of the truth, your word is truth.” (John 17:17) Who is the living “Word” who is “Truth”?  Well John 1:14 tells us clearly, “… the Word became flesh and resided among us and we had a view of his glory, a glory such as belongs to an only-begotten son from a father.” (John 1:14) Not only is Jesus being identified in this Scripture as “the Truth,” but He proclaims at John 5:39-40 that all of Scripture was written to “bear witness” about HIM!Note that the apostle Peter did not say “to what” shall we go away to, he said, “Lord, WHOM shall we go away to? You [Jesus] have sayings of everlasting life.” (John 6:68) He recognized that with the coming of Christ, God’s arrangement changed from operating through an organization (back then it was  the Jewish system), to going directly through Jehovah's son Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:1-2) & of course with the guidance of His Holy Spirit (John 16:13). No longer do we need a priestly organization to bring us to Jehovah God. We now have direct access through Jesus Christ as our only High Priest &  Mediator between us & God (Hebrew 7:25-26; 2 Timothy 2:5). It is through Jesus alone that we gain salvation not through an organization, Jesus is the the truth & the way to eternal life, Jehovah told us to listen to his son. Why does the watchtower proclaim that its organization is the truth and tell us that we must come to it for salvation (check the Watchtower November 15 1981 page 21) when it is as clear as day the scriptures only point to Jesus as being the TRUTH. Romans 8:8-9 proclaims that unless one has God’s Spirit which one receives only through “adoption” (Romans 8:14-16) one cannot “please God,” nor does he “belong to Christ.” The Bible says, “As for you, the anointing that you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to be teaching you but, as the anointing from him is teaching you about all things, and is true and is no lie, and just as it has taught you, remain in union with him.” (1 John 2:27, NWT). So do we need an organization to teach us spiritual truth for we have Christ and the anointing of Holy Spirit to lead us. I believe it to be true that God’s Holy Spirit is what guides us & helps to find the truth as mentioned in (John 16:13), this is what I believe has happened with regards to myself & my wife. I certainly believe that pretty much most Jehovah's witnesses truly want to serve Jehovah in the best way possible & they believe that by getting baptized into the organization is the right way to do this, although this may seem right for these individuals it may not be right for others. Some people long for or want to be part of a religious community & that is their preference & I am not one to make any judgements, all I know is that I do not feel that we need to belong to an organization, we can gain & share Christian fellowship amongst each other without having to be part of a society/organization just as Jesus & his disciples & his followers did. Jesus said "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I will be in their midst" (Matt 18:20).At Matthew 24:45-51 Jesus describes two types of slaves (or servants) who were put in charge of their master’s belongings while their master was away. Upon his master’s return, one slave was found “faithful” and rewarded by being appointed over “all” of his master’s possessions. The other slave proved unfaithful in his tasks and when his master arrived, he was thrown out with the hypocrites. The point is regarding Jesus’ parable is that we all are to strive to be a faithful slave to HIM so that when Jesus comes for his people he will find us “faithful” and reward us. As I mentioned before Jesus warned us not put our trust in mere man, human leaders for spiritual security. The Bible says, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength.” (Jeremiah 17:5). The only One we are to look to for eternal life and spiritual Truth is Jesus Christ by authority of Jehovah heavenly father. Jesus declared, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father, but through Me.” (John 14:6)Anyway that's a small part of what I have come to believe, no man knows my heart, only Jehovah God, just as nobody knows your heart only God himself. Take care, Daz

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Nov 3 14 9:22 AM

Thanks for posting this letter, Daz.  It’s always good to see how we each try to reach those we love through scriptures.  I have three young men on my mind that grew up with my boys that I’d like to send a letter to; that is, if they will actually read it.  Two served at Bethel for the required time and both came back changed men; their smiles actually cast a shadow in my mind those many years ago.    So, the search for their addresses is the topic of the day.  It’s funny that when I mentally picture them, I see them as downcast slaves, trodding through the daily life in the organization, harboring fears that they truly don’t understand. 

It’s interesting how the Contemporary Bible version renders 2 Cor 11:19,20

19 And since you are so smart, you will gladly put up with a fool. 20 In fact, you let people make slaves of you and cheat you and steal from you. Why, you even let them strut around and slap you in the face.

Many young people are questioning the org. but the traditions held tight through generations in a family are hard for some to overcome.  As far back as I know, my family’s religion on my father’s side was Catholic.  It wasn’t until I and some of my siblings disconnected from that ‘tradition’, each looking for truth in their own way.  Now that I found it; no sibling chooses to listen.  I can only pray that they search for the gate through Christ.

Keep us posted on the results of your hard work!  


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Nov 3 14 10:01 AM

Daz, welcome again,
I hope you are able to reach as many as you can. Those that truly love God...he is able to wake up.  We are all evidence of that.  Not by our own power, but by God's spirit.

 Peely, it is good to see that you also have those others in mind.  It is sad when the organization blinds those that are only trying to serve God.  This is why some put up with the organization.  They really have been led to believe that this is how God should be served.  They want to serve God, but due to a lack of accurate knowledge...they are deceived...and so they are tricked into serving men and an organization . (Even thought the WT puts in print...that we do not and should not serve men or an organization...what a hypocrisy this is...Jesus said to beware of the "yeast" of the Pharisees...which is hypocrisy)  I hope you are able to gently approach and gently wake up those that truly love the Father and his son Jesus. You are proving to be both a teacher and a comforter as part of the body of Christ.  God gives to whomever he wants.  Those that humbly accept what he gives...he can use.   God chooses ....not men...let him continue to guide you and use you.   I hope you and your husband are doing well...continue to love and support him as best you can...we are all under attack.  Satan does not like to let people know the truth.  May Almighty God bless you.

Agape,  Obe

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Nov 4 14 4:13 AM

My pleasure, thankyou Peely, as I said I hope it helps him & maybe it will help someone coming on this forum that stumbles across this thread.

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Nov 4 14 7:02 AM

Hi Daz Good and loving work.He is lucky to have such a loving and caring friend. I hope this seed will grow in him and that Jehovah will open his eyes. Its so great to see your love and entushiasem for the Lord. I can imagian how hard it was to be held "back" from getting baptized. Atleast when you as we all did thought this was the way of getting love from our heavenly father and his Son. When your heart is clearly very much a heart of God and your knowleagd is very good also. And all because of your hairsyle and your work. It gives me great comfort to see you have found your way now and seeing how egar you are in Christ. Thank you very much very uplifting.

Love to all may the Lord keep us all strong

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Nov 4 14 8:14 AM

Hi Mr Cool or may I call you Julian? Thankyou so much for your very kind words, I really appreciate them. I hope so too that the seed I have tried to sow grows & flourishes. Yes it was a big slap in the face when they prevented me from getting baptized but I get comfort knowing that it wouldn't have been the baptizm I would have wanted since they have added to the vows. I dedicate myself to God Almighty & Jesus Christ only, no others! I guess that the whole process of the organization/elders rejecting me was for this sole purpose, the sole purpose to spur me on to a journey that has lead me here! I forgive them for the actions. I have learned so much in the time it has taken me to finally arrive here & I have learned so much also just from be being here & talking with Pearl, she has been an amazing beacon of light! 
You too have also have come along way & you should be very proud of yourself, I am sure God guided you down this path to your arrival here. If you ever need to talk or just need someone to listen then I am here for you as is everyone else here on this forum, they are all wonderful people!
Take care & God bless!

Warm & loving regards,

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Nov 6 14 2:55 PM

 Hi Daz,

I’ve just been rereading  your letter to your friend, your reasoning is really  good and you obviously have a great knowledge of the scriptures. This info is going to be very helpful to us because we’ve got some close friends still in the org who are also feeling judged because of circumstances (just like your friend). I feel they might want to leave but the comment they keep falling back on is; “but Jehovah has always had an organisation”, so the reasoning’s you’ve used is perfect for them. Don’t be too discouraged if you don’t hear from your friend for a while, that’s the usual response while they process this new info and wonder if you’ve gone apostate on them. That’s how I would have reacted too while I was still in.

We also gave our friends a letter explaining our new beliefs (because when any of us try and talk to friends about a change in religious beliefs we just don’t seem to listen to each other, each side gets caught up in getting their own point across). We didn’t hear from them for a month or more, we left it with them to contact us so if they decided they didn’t want to see us again we weren’t pressuring them.  They are still with the org but I feel we’re starting to have an influence because they are starting to think more independently and so are others we’re still having contact with within the org. We’re sharing new thoughts depending on what we feel each person or couple can deal with ,allowing ourselves to be guided by HS in what we share with them.  With some we tell them everything ,with others it’s bit by bit. Even if they react badly to what we say now those seeds of truth will come back to mind further down the road when they receive more bad treatment from the org, or as the org acts more and more bizarre. I think the orgs recent changes are undignified and hint at desperation on their part.

Love to all   image,

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#10 [url]

Nov 6 14 3:54 PM

Hi Barb, thankyou for your kind words & sharing your experiences with regards to your friends. If you think that maybe this letter will help someone you know then please feel free to use it, that is one of the reasons I posted it up in the hope that others might benefit from it some-how. I sure hope your friend eventually will have their veil removed so they can see clearly.

God bless!
Warm &loving regards,

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#11 [url]

Nov 7 14 10:39 AM

HI Daz of course you can call me Julian.Your welcome and thank you for your kind words. I am also here for you and for everybody else here. Yes Pearl has been a beacon of light for me to and I guess many others. No wonder Jesus choosed to use her. I am so happy for everything I read from her and the others here. Its truly such a delight to finally have clean pure food from Christ and even if they read from the bibel in the wt meetings they did not follow it them self sothis made the messeage not pure since they who spoke it was not of a pure heart.
I can imagian or feel my self how good it feels for you know as you have learned how it is, and feel the Love of Yhvh and Jesus without any people blocking it or making you feel bad for not right reasons. And that you keept the pure heart instead of trying to adopt to there cold hearts to God and other members of the congregation. Good to see how you cooporate so easy and how we all are thinking about how to reach the people we know that are still in the org. I need to prepare more for this so thx for your post Daz and Barb so I could see  how we can help each other this way. imageimageimage

I hope everyone is doing good
I thank the Lord for everybody here and pray for you to be healty in the flesh and strong in the spirit=)




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#12 [url]

Nov 7 14 3:05 PM

Hi Barb,
I took note of your mention of recent changes in the Org. I am always in a hole with my PC, so I don't know anything about what's going on, except the proddings of spirit  :)
Please tell us about it, I'm curious how the other side is faring through this battle.

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#13 [url]

Nov 8 14 3:37 AM

Hi Pearl, I think the tackiest thing they have done lately is all the merchandizing with JW.ORG on it, from cheap pins to coffee cups to cheap canvas “witnessing bags”. Just do a quick search on ebay, type in JW.ORG. Some people would say that stuff is being sold by private individuals but we all know how quick the org is to announce its disapproval of anything it hasn’t sanctioned even if the individuals are actually trying to support the org i.e. some pro JW websites. Hence whoever is selling this stuff does have the orgs approval or backing.

Apparently every bethel now has cardboard cut outs for people to have their photos taken with Disney land style. I’ll send you the link to the forum thread privately because I’m not sure what is proper etiquette about posting links to other sites etc on line.

Then there is getting every jw to pledge what they will donate to the org each month. I read these things on line but then I ask those I personally know still in if these things are true. The early founders of the org DID say “if we ever have to ask for money we know we no longer have Jehovah’s Holy Spirit or backing”

.There’s the taking of all congregations’ savings in their bank accounts. (Also confirmed by the locals I know).

There’s the, although if it wasn’t for how critical they were of other televangelist religions it could be argued that’s a good way of reaching more people.

If I remember anymore examples I’ll add them later. I can’t believe how much they’ve changed in the few months since I’ve left. Those on the other forums are saying they’re stunned over recent changes and saying it’s not the same religion they joined years ago.

Love to everyone image

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#14 [url]

Nov 8 14 7:44 AM

Thanks be to the powerful spirit of our God! Satan is gasping, trying desperately (along with his agents) to hold off being crushed.
"The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you." (Rom.16:20)

We have suffered under the arm of the Beast, but God reveals that those who refuse to remove it's mark, will suffer double what we have.
How tragic for them, that their presumption of having truth, has delivered them up to famine (Rev.18:8).
They have filled the empty void, with fantasy, as if the Word of God lacked sufficient and genuine examples of faithfulness, worthy of imitation.
Oh, but how could the WT leaders point to such examples as worthy of imitation, when none of the genuine faithful would condone or follow these demonic fakers?
How tragic for those marked by the Beast! Those who walk in the dark, do not know where they are going. The ax is at the root! (John12:35; Prov.4:19) (Matt.3:10; John15:6)
I have seen where they are going! It is a vast procession to the winepress!

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#16 [url]

Nov 11 14 2:30 AM

This is a post by someone from another forum, they are studying with Jehovah's witnesses - also I have added my reply to them, I really  hope what said helps them!
"The Post"
I finally got a chance to go back and read an earlier response dated, Nov 3. You made 1 or 2 points that I’m going to pray about. You also made a couple I question… Re: birthday/holiday celebrations. I have children and other family members who celebrate them all. I don’t judge them because they have the choice to do as they see fit. Everyone does. And before anyone says that Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t have a choice, remember that they chose baptism knowing all this, so yes it was their choice. Also you suggest that it shouldn’t be wrong to share the story of Jesus’ birth or that of his resurrection, and to a point I actually agree, but don’t you think that by sharing it on or around those holidays, that it can be perceived as an acceptance and a participation of those holidays as celebrated by the world? (and you are right, a very commercialized one at that) Christmas, for example, is supposed to be about Jesus’ birth but you obviously know that December 25th was not the day or the month that Jesus was born. So why do you feel it’s okay to share the story on that day? Or why would you want to?
You quoted Acts 15:20. So what does abstaining mean to you as a bible student? Specifically abstaining from blood? Why do you as a bible student believe it was included along with those other things not acceptable to Jehovah?

Thank you for your time.

Hi, I agree with you to a point, I do not par-take in the Christmas celebrations for the reasons you stated but I make sure my children still enjoy the holidays with games, movies, chocolate lol. We give gifts to them all through the year so they don’t feel they go without & they are really fine with that. We have explained that Christmas isn’t really Jesus’ birthday & that it is a man-made holiday. We do remember their own birthdays as I feel it is an important thing to aknowledge your childrens births as it is special but we do not celebrate it in the tradition way with a cake with candles, cards, presets etc. As you know I am not a baptized witness as they prevented me from being baptized because I was judged by my outward appearance (hair style) & what I do for a living (sing & entertain). I look back now & feel that their was a reason my baptism didn’t happen & once I found out the actual vows to which they have added to with regards to being baptized into the spirit directed earthly organization & the 80 or so questions you have to answer I understood why. Even in a Watchtower publication originally stated it was wrong to get baptized into an organization! (the Watchtower July 1955), this is probably one of the reasons why they are making the older watchtowers obsolete so Jw’s & students can’t check up on discrepances. I believe if you get baptized into the organization then you recieve the mark of the beast because you consecrate yourself to man & an organization, not to Jehovah God & Christ . I used to pray about it alot & the reason was revealed as to why I was didn’t get baptized, I think God played a part in it, I was always questioning doctrine & tried so hard to accept it all but I just couldn’t even after nearly 18 years of involment with the Jw’s & the organization. Baptizm is simply done in the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit, there is no deviating from that, Jesus made that clear. When his apostles baptized they didn’t ask 80 or so questions before they carried out the baptizm, it is about if you accept & have faith in God, Christ & the Holy Spirit & you give your life to them NOT men or an organization. The organization is a counterfeit, I believe it the beginnings of it started off sincere but Satan has got in amonst the deepest operations of it & created a deception to mislead people in thinking they are worshipping Jehovah when infact they are not but worshiping an idol which is something Jehovah makes clear is unexceptable & really dislikes.
I hope what I have said here helps, ultimately it is your decision & nobody can decide for you.
Getting back to Christmas & birthdays, like you I do not judge, if people want to celebrate them then that is their prerogative, it is a matter of concience.
God bless,
Warm & loving regards,

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