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Oct 29 14 5:05 AM

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Hello, I thought I would create this thread so that we can all share our stories and experiences of how we came to be here. I know I am very new here but firstly I would like to thank Pearl personally for creating her website and this forum , I am sure you will agree with me that Peal has done a great job & we all are very grateful for all the spritual food she provides us along with unconditional support, Thankyou Pearl!

My story:
I came across a post by Pearl on another Christian website that frequently visit, I was so taken back by what she had wrote and found her scriptual understanding and insight very refreshing and enlightening.This lead me to a decision to contact her directly. 
I have been trying to establish my standing with Jehovah God and Jesus for many years. I had been involved with Jehovah's witnesses for around 18 years on and off which obviously included studying with the them and attending meetings etc. My parents were baptized witnesses but fell away when I was a young child due to some imoral behaviour between a certain brother and sister who my parents held in high regard, this stumbled them and hence lead to their depart from the organization. My Father always kept his faith in God and Christ and I guess that was had a knock on affect on me, that is why I ended up on this jouney. I grew up doing the things kids and teenagers usually do, going out with friends, girlfriends etc but although I did things wrong there were certain things my conscience would not let me do even though I would try to dismiss it. Any way as an adult I married a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. We were made homless at one point and had to stay with my parents for a short time but they moved into a smaller property so we had to find somewhere to live fast. We had started a study with a Jw couple a few months back and they offered to put us up until we could find our own place, my wife and we were in two minds about it but we really had no option so we took them up on their kind offer. This turned out to be a big mistake! The Jw lady was a nightmare to live with, we found ourselves staying out as late as possible as to avoid seeing her. A totally different person to who we studied with but we did not hold a grudge and forgave her as we realized it was hard for her to have someone else living in their home with them, although it did stumble us a bit. We managed to get a place to live for ourselves in a different near by town. We started up another study with a wonderful elderly couple, lovely people. A younger Jw man started sitting in on our study and I became very good friends with him, he seemed to understand me as he came from a similar background. Anyway this guy who I held in high regard because of his zealousness and love for the truth ended up having an affair with an elders wife which really shocked us, I was very upset over it and was told that we shouldn't have anything to do with him. Well although I was upset with him I couldn't treat him like that as it was not my place to judge him. He turned up at our place to explain, I made it clear that I disagreed what he, they had done but I did not judge and told him that the matter is between him and God, he apologized for any upset and stumbling he had caused and encouraged me to stick with the "truth".
We moved home again to another town and started studing there and going to meetings and so on, we had a our fair share of trials and I guess that could be why we moved about alot. During this time my wife and I had children too.
We finally settled down in a town near the coast as thought it would be good for the our children and my work and yet again we started a study and became regulars with a local congregation. Over time I started to see that some there were a little judgemental especially certain elders but that’s another story! Anyway with counsel from elders and my study conductor I made many changes inside and out but it never seemed to be enough. I had the meeting where the elders apporve you for going out on ministry, I passed their test but it didn't last long. I wanted to get baptized but to cut a long story short I was basically  told I couldn’t get baptized which surprised not just me but some of the other members in the congregation. I became very depressed over this as I had only just started going out on ministry as an unbaptized publisher and enrolled in the theocratic school etc but this was soon to come to a stop too. I was told at the time that this was because of some surgery I had and they they didnt want to put pressure on me which I thought was fair enough and appreciated their consideration but later I found out that this was not the true reason at all! It was to do with how they personally perceived me with regards to their requirements. They had issues with my hair style (1950's styled) and what I did for a living which wasn't an issue when I was studying, infact they used think it was pretty cool what I did. Now because I would not conform completely they prevented me from moving forward in the organization. I worked with a brother who's attitude to people at work was completely different to when he was at the meetings, this was falseness of which I was noticing more and more of within the congregation, Don't get me wrong, there are many genuine ones there with a real deep love for God but I felt that they were mislead by all the organization's rules and regulations.
Myself, my wife and children ceased going to the meetings approx 6 months ago as certain things started to stumble us. Also certain doctrines I disagreed with that just didn’t sit right with me. I had made a handful of very good friends in my congregation but feared my absence from the meetings would affect my relationship with them. I can't help but wonder what would be my standing with Jehovah and Jesus as being unbaptized? I had become uncomfortable with taking sole direction from the governing body as these after all are made up of imperfect men who at the time I did not really know anything about. Jesus said to not put your trust in men and we must check all teachings of scripture. I think they probably started out genuinely believing that they were doing the right thing but somewhere along the way they have become blinded by their own distorted reasoning and thoughts. I kind of feel that the governing body has put themselves in the place of Christ in some respects as alot of Jw’s seem to look for direction via them and the organization rather than Jesus himself even though Jesus clearly said that he was the way and there is no other way but through him that we come to the Father, Jehovah the one true God. I do believe that the Jw’s have the basic principles and moral attitude right and also I truly believe that the majority of the domestics (the regular Jw’s) really do have a deep love for God and just want to do right by him and I admire their zeal & passion, but I also feel so sad that they have been mislead what with all the changes that have taken place within the organization and are to fearful to stand up and challenge the watchtower organization. I do thank them whole heartedly for helping me to come to a good knowledge of the scriptures but it has become obvious to me that I have been searching for a much deeper understanding all along which when looking back over the years it is what has kept driving me and making me question some of their doctrines.
I am currently on a journey which so far has led me through many avenues but at last I feel I am now making good solid spiritual progress. I have had to learn and I still am learning to love and to heal myself with the help of Jesus & our heavenly Father.
As I said, I have been involved with the Jw’s and the organization for many years. I have been mistreated and judged by a couple of individuals throughout this time and it nearly stumbled me to the point of no return. There was a time when I was bullied by certain family members which again was a very difficult stumbling block to overcome but I did overcome it. Even though we had moved home a fair bit  we would always either be drawn towards finding the local kingdom hall or out of the blue they would call on us. I have had more studies than I can remember so I’m pretty clued up in that sense. I always felt something wasn’t quite right though, something just didn’t seem to sit right with me somehow. For a while I just ignored that feeling as felt it was probably just me and decided to throw myself into the meetings at my present kingdom hall. as I said above I had started going out on ministry as an unbaptized publisher and enrolled in the theocratic school and was making changes inward and outward, made some great friends within the congregation too. Then I had some news which involved me having to have two bouts of surgery and it was a bit of a worrying time for myself, my wife and children but all turned out all ok and the surgery went well, our Jw friends were very supportive and we were so very thankful to have them there. BUT whilst all this was going on, as I mentioned earlier, I was asked one evening at a meeting to have a private chat with two of the elders one of which used to regularly sit in on my study. To my surprise I was told that they thought it wasn’t a good idea for me to go out on ministry due to my surgery as they didn’t want to put me under too much pressure, although disappointed I understood and went along with it and ceased going out on ministry. Well weeks turned into months and no elders had approached me regarding going back out on ministry. I kept asking my study conductor who was also my good friend about it and he approached the elders about it but still no real response. It turned into approx a year and a half when finally an elder approached me. I was told that I couldn’t go out on ministry because I looked to worldly which lead to the next blow which was that I couldn’t get baptized either! A double whammy! I tried to reason with him but to no avail. I was told to change my hair style, at the time I had sideburns but may I add they were very groomed & neat, I was told to shave them short or off. Now the thing is when I was going out on ministry a year or so prior to this, my hair was longer and styled more so in a kind of rockabilly way (Elvisy type style) with longer wider sideburns and yet I was allowed to go out on ministry then and take part in the school, very strange I thought. I soon realised that my surgery had nothing to do with why they wanted me to stop going out on ministry, it was because I didn’t totally conform to their requirements as I said, I was still my own person in many respects even though my hair style was alot more toned down than what it was when I was going out on ministry all that time ago. Also I have made big changes within which showed through in my personality and work. Anyway the elder said that the way I look was detracting from the message, God’s message. I reasoned again saying that if a beautiful woman who was a baptized Jw was to call at the door and a man happened to answer he would naturally notice right away the way she looked, would this then not detract from the message even if only for just a short instance, you cannot change people’s first reaction when they look at you as it’s human nature, for example if someone is unfortunately deformed or disabled this also gets noticed in that first initial instance. Again he just couldn’t see or maybe didn’t want to see or consider my reasoning. Anyway I accepted what he said and if I am honest  it made me feel very depressed for quite a while, I felt so unworthy and worthless. It was not an easy time for my wife and children as I was so down all the time and very angry. I took a break from the meetings to get my head together. I decided to venture back but not for anyone other than Jehovah God as I just wanted to please him the best way I could. Needless to say things were never quite the same which lead me to search for a deeper understanding and look for real answers, I started looking at things the way Jesus may see things and try to determine how he would deal with certain issues. The deeper I looked the more certain teachings by the Watchtower didn’t seem in-line scriptually. I used to watch closely how some of the elders and regular Jws would behave and I started seeing cracks in there personalities especially if confronted with questions that were out of their comfort zone. To this day it deeply saddens me to say all of this because I have made some great friends within the organization but I know I have to speak up and tell some truths because it is the right thing to do but I also know that as a result it* would see an end to those friendships I hold dear, but God in Heaven and Christ are more important to me and who knows maybe what I have to say might just get some or even just one person there thinking and questioning just as I and all of you have done, what a blessing and a joy that would be!
I read up on the scriptures regarding baptizm and approached an elder about it as I realised that it is Christ we must get baptized into not any man or organization (The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit). Also I quoted a watchtower article from July 1955 that I found online quoting that we should not get baptized into the one immersing you, not in any man's name or not into an organization. The elder said it made sense to get baptized into the earthly organization because Jehovah is an organized God, I did not dispute that Jehovah is organized but there is no indication or mentioning in the scriptures of being baptized into an earthly organization and that it was wrong to baptize in any other way apart from in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, his reply was "we'll have to agree to disagree", I have since called into question some of the doctrines and stances that the Governing body make within the organization. I felt I had to try and reason and bring certain issues to light to a few of our (until recently) Jw friends. Their love is so very conditional, unless you are in subjection to everything the organization requires of you and teaches you then you cannot remain as any part of it which includes your friendships. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you have a real deep love and faith in Jehovah and Jesus Christ and want to serve them, it seems to make no difference to them at all unless ALL your beliefs and faith are directed and controlled by the Watchtower org. Even my young teenage son has been personally affected as his best friend (a son of one of our Jw friends, an elder) said to him that he will die at Armageddon unless he comes to meetings! We thought it was a horrid thing to say!
All I can say is that I would not behave in such a manner and neither would my wife and kids, this is certainly not how I think a Christian should behave. I have been criticized and judged by the way I look (50's style hair style with sideburns) and because I sing and entertain for a living, it was said to my wife that Jesus would not do a job like that and wouldn’t be around worldy people as that’s what my job involves. The thing is I tried to find other work but it just didn’t seem to happen, I prayed about constantly but still the only work that came in was for my singing etc. I know that sometimes I would be around people who may have had a bit too much to drink etc but I DO NOT get involved with them, I just entertain. Most of the time the venues I perform at aren’t full of people like that. Then I was again criticized because I have so many fans, many who are female. Well that is something I do not control but I also have many male fans too! Performing/singing is all I know and all I am really good at, it’s like any job as there are good and bad points to it, it has been my means of supporting my family for many years! I am saddened that people we thought were our friends can treat us in this way. What happened to “judge not lest thee be judged” (Matthew 7:1). I was going to confront them over this but once I had calmed down and reasoned on what to do I felt it is better to just let it go and let God deal with it as he sees fit. All I wanted was the truth, plain and simple but I feel that they do not possess the truth because it is Jesus who IS the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! I try to share what I have learned where I can but I want to do more, I need to do more! God Almighty and Christ Jesus are on my mind all day and night from the moment I awake until I go to bed to sleep, sometimes I lay awake for hours thinking or talking to God or scriptures will be flying around in my head. Since reading the scriptures independently so much has been revealed to me to the extent that it has even brought me to tears. I am just confused right now as to where to go or what to do, why have these truth been revealed to me and why can I see them clear as day yet a lot of Jw's cannot see them, I still have many changes yet to make.

I hope that sharing my experiences may help others in some way, help them see that they are not alone, I will help all I can.
God bless!


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Oct 29 14 8:53 AM

Dear Daz,
Thank you for giving the time and energy to help us understand you better. We all are familiar with the many rules and arrangements of the WT, and that they are promoted as a high moral standard. No men can create standards higher than God's. God does not require the things that the WT does...physical appearances and outward displays. A loving heart giving "two coins of small value", is brushed aside. They feel too righteous to associate with sinners, and yet, that is who Jesus prefered to associated with. To say that he didn't, is a lie. Jesus came to save sinners, and to give spiritual health to the spiritually sick. We are to imitate him, by being approachable to those who need us most. 
I hope that you and your family grow in your ability to get a firm hold of God's Truth and the Life it promises.
Thank you for your dedication to the needs of our group, as we all work to cultivate our hearts.
Prayers are a great need for all of us here. As the scriptures tell us, "Pray without ceasing."
I believe it is the best gift we can give each other.
We depend upon God's guidance and strength in all we do, in our hope to please Him and become perfect, as He is.
This we will someday do, if we love Him with our whole soul.
May He bless you and your family,


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Oct 29 14 10:26 AM

Thankyou for your very kind and encouraging words Pearl. Yes, Jesus said as shown at Matthew 9:13 - "For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance".

I have come a long way since leaving the Watchtower organization, I am relieved that I didn't get baptized into it, it seems that all those obstacles preventing me from doing so were there for that reason and it's so plain to see now!

Warm and loving regards,

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Oct 29 14 5:48 PM

Hi Daz Thank you for sharing your story. It made me remember alot from own memories and stories I have heard and been witness to. They are the same all over. So outside orientated and status orientated by the gb`s belives of whats sutiable for them. They are so lost in the gb doctrine that they forget Jesus totally and we can see how they dont understand Jehovah when they have gb as there teachers and elders as rolemodels instead of Christ. When Jesus say "I am the road the truth and life" how can they neglect him? Where then goes there road? Its very sad but I actually had to smiled little of this today in the way Jesus did when the 70 disipels came back from there preaching(LUk10:21,22) since they are very locked in there belifes of what really matters and juged people for things that has nothing to do about how Jehovah or Jesus look at people. It says it right out in the bible Jehovah looks not on the outer man but the inner and you obeuasly have a great heart and have understood so much and you are thinking about God and Christ from morning to night very impressive. You have followd Christ voice here thats very good. I am quit new here myself I have been out of the org since feb 2013 and found my way here in June I think and I am enjoying the spirutale food here and at Pearls blog and it feels so fresh and enliting to "eat" this food. Like you said always been looking for something deeper with the bibel and now it has opend up for me as well

I relate to how the elders and others treated you it so terrible that they can treat people this way and say they are the true people of God in an spirutal paradise this always made me little sick when they used this spirutale paradise. When I was 10 years old it was me and two other boys in the congregation we went in at about the same age as me they both where children of elders and me living alone with my mother was by atleast one of the familes looked at as bad influence so the parents made it so they two could stay with each other but not with me. I was 10. hehe. When I got older about 14 I was at a party with older witnesses and they where drinking and my friend drived home after drinking. And this a girl who liked him said to the elders since he had gotten an other gf, so the elders came to my home(living with my grandparents at that time who are not witnesses) they where invited in but took me out in the car with them and there I got my first "police interegation" and where not very nice to me. And this made me lose my respect for them thinking they are standing talking about Jesus and God how we should act according to them when they dont follow it at all them self. From this I lived out my teenage years with quit few meetings but still a beliver. As a got older ealry 20`s I started using drugs and came at the edge with the law and had to go to prison at one point in 2005 I moved to a small city and started colleage there I meet some old witness friends from where I was from quit quickly I started hanging out with them as I still belived the org was of God and I so much wanted to be with Jehovah again. Thinking to have the org`s approvel was the same as having Gods.I never belived this 100% but it was quit a big feeling of this and wanted to be sure and having this was to be sure I guess. I came back at meetings and to my first meeting in many years I did not have a tie, and ofcourse I got a comment on this. I rememberd very fast how things was in the org, that looks, work school have to be by there standards or you cant join the "club". But after been true so much in my life already I also did alot of out/inside changes and adjusted to them but most to Jehovah and Jesus. I got baptized in 2007 I had to work hard for this also being lucky the local elders liked me and did not know so much of my history and I was a firm beliver and I was dedicated to Jehovah a thought but see now it was to the org I see now. Things went quit well for me after that for a while but then in 2010 I feel in love with a woman that was not witness but I married her anyway, got disfelloweshiped because we did not wait until the wedding night. And being a beliver I thought I had to go to the elders and tell them all since it was the "law" of God: I see now that of course I did this after I was baptized because I was in fact baptized into the org and then I tried hard to follow there rules. Well I got back but was not very active but went to meetings weekly then my wife left me and my life fel in pices for a while again. Now things are good again and I am more happy then well really ever since now I understand the truth and I know that Jehovah and Jesus are not like the elders etc in the org and dont have there attitude for people and this has been a huge relife and as Jesus said "The truth shall sett you free" I really feel free for the first time in my life even if its very hard times and I struggle most days the joy in Christ is bigger and better then all.

Thank you for this post I have been quit locked in the org thinking not to others but to myself and jugding my self very much and even to write here I was so scaried in the beginning even still I am a little scaried to be juged for a mistake or not write in a right manner. It was like they was always out to get me on something. With this the org has actually all the time diminised our view on God and Jesus quit much, seeing now how much bigger and more loving they are has been such a joy for me to realize and to see others of the same heart, gives me even more joy and relife thanks to everyone here =)

Love and peace to all you are in my prayers

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#4 [url]

Oct 30 14 2:07 AM

Hey there Mr Cool, thankyou very much for your reply and sharing your story. I can guarantee you will not be judged by me or anyone else here I'm sure. One of the first things we need to learn again is to love ourselves and to heal ourselves, this can only be done with the help from Jehovah and Christ Jesus. Sometimes we are very harsh when it comes to judging ourselves, I know that I have been in the past and I probably still am in some respects but as you rightly said Jehovah looks at us in a different light to how we look and see ourselves.
The "Truth" does set you free but only when it is properly revealed to you. Unfortunately the oganization's definition of truth is shrouded with smoke screens masking certain aspects of it that should freely be ours to see and hear & digest! Matthew 11:29,30 Jesus says, "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light". The burden with regards to the organization is not light at all, it is full of high expectations, rules, regulations, conformity, judgement. Does this sound like what Jesus has said at Matthew 11:29,30? The more I read the bible independently the more I can see that Christ was not really being imitated. Yes they would have talks about Jesus and use him in examples when counselling you & other brothers and sisters but it is just as Jesus describes at Matthew 13:13, "They look but don't see and they listen but don't hear or understand". 
Thankyou once again for sharing your experiences with us, God bless.

Warm & loving regards,

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#5 [url]

Oct 30 14 6:54 AM

Julian and Daz, both of your life experiences are so touching and display the typical policing that the Beast reacts to when anything is out of sync with their policy.  I was deeply moved by both to the point of tears (I am such a softy).

Daz, you dealt with a similar issue that our family did, a physical mark that caused a bombardment of remarks the entire time we were in the organization. These came not only from elders and from the platform, but also from the individuals within the congregations that we attended.  Someday I’ll tell this whole story.  
I remember a young man from years ago that fit the description of yourself and that was when we were on the coast – the Pacific coast.  To think there was a chance that you are that same man would be astounding!  One can only hope!

Julian, for a young person you have been through plenty, and yet you found the right path so quickly.  That is remarkable and all due to your abundant love for the Father and Christ.  Both of you have encouraged me today with the reminders to lean on our Father and grow in love for each other and support one another.  I am so glad you are both here.

Love to you both,


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#6 [url]

Oct 30 14 9:39 AM

Aww Peely thankyou so much for your kind words! It fills me with such joy to know that you have been encouraged by myself and Mr Cool's (Julian) stories. I learned early on that in your hour of need our heavenly father is there to carry you through, all you need do is ask him to help. He is not out of reach and we can have a relationship with him without the organization, I always knew this deep down but that got suppressed along the way with their conditioning ways of making you think. The only way to the Father is through His Son Christ Jesus NOT through a man made organization. It still amazes me how we all got sucked into it but at the time it seemed all pretty convincing didn't it. But Jehovah God always provides us a way back to him if our hearts truly seek him, knock and the door shall be opened! Jesus is our Saviour, our King, only by means of him can we recieve the gift of everlasting life, for he has been given ALL authority by his Father, God Almighty.
Peely I was sorry to read that you have been through a similar experience as me, it is not a nice thing to be judged by men on a physical appearance or anything else for that matter, no human has that right! Matthew 7:1 - "Judge not lest you be judged" - Matthew 7:24,25 -"Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that house, yet it did not fall because it had it's foundation on the rock". If we had a solid foundation (our love and faith) then the truth will prevail, nothing can prevent that as it is God's will. No man can come between you, the Christ and the Father once you have set in stone that foundation. Psalm 118:8 - "It's better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man". Ephesians 2:8 - "For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God". 2Timothy 3:13-17 - "While evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work".

God bless,
Warm & loving regards,

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#7 [url]

Oct 31 14 5:27 PM

How I love to see the expressions here that demonstrate an accurate grasp of the Words of God, and a full use of them as we walk on the path of life!
Really enjoying your comments image

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#8 [url]

Oct 31 14 5:41 PM

Hi Pearl, aww that's lovely to hear that you are enjoying all the comments, you have a great little forum here, may it continue to grow and blossom. Just as in Psalm 72:16 - "May there be abundant grain throughout the land, flourishing even on the hilltops. May the fruit trees flourish like trees of Lebanon and may the people thrive like grass in a field".
Once again, thankyou for inviting me here Pearl x

God bless.
Warm & loving regards,

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#9 [url]

Oct 31 14 7:51 PM

Welcome Daz,
Hi Julian, Peely.....I have been so busy working and I haven't gotten here as often as i should.    It was very nice to read everyones expressions here...and on the other threads....and yes...even more than one other thread...I don't know how I'm going to keep up with them all....but don't stop.    Thank you Daz for coming here and encouraging all.  Yes the life stories here are encouraging. are providing a ministry as you listen to and talk with others and share what you are learning... Many do share this on other forums. 
Julian...thank you for your also comfort others here (including many who only read here)...Thank you Peely also...for your kind words.   You all are in our prayers.
Also on all the other threads here....when I can get to them...(It's late here.)...I would like to say hello to Berucha, Barbara, Debbie (I pray your heart is healing)
May God bless all who are here and all who read from out there.  We are grateful to all that God supplies us with...this includes the comfort each and everyone here gives. How loving and merciful he thankful we can all be that he allowed our eyes to be opened and see.  All the many years we were all blind and trying to do our best to serve God.  Rev 7:10...Salvation comes from God and from the Lamb.

The Father is the source of all good things and gifts .. we are all grateful to him.
Remember ...even Jesus said not to call him "good" teacher.   Mark 10:18  New Living Translatin: "Why do you call me good?" Jesus asked. "Only God is truly good.
The best a slave of God can do is to imitate Jesus by speaking what we are told to speak.

For Jesus instructions...see Luke 17:10  ....the NET bible puts it this way:  
NET Bible  Luke 17:10
So you too, when you have done everything you were commanded to do, should say, 'We are slaves undeserving of special praise; we have only done what was our duty.'" 
Pearl is just doing as she has been directed to do.  She believes that no human can really do all that they should... including her.  We all fall short.  She does try very hard though and appreciates it when others let her know that they have benefited from the information.  That's what she always hopes for. She is letting her light shine as best she we all should. 

Agape to all,

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#10 [url]

Nov 1 14 3:29 AM

Hello Obadiah, thankyou kindly for your lovey welcome, I am very pleased to meet you. Thankyou for your reply and fitting scriptual references!
We all need encouragement & building up in these difficult times just as is said at Thessalonians 5:11 - "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."

God bless.
Warm & loving regards,

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#11 [url]

Nov 3 14 10:21 AM

You are welcome Daz,
It is good to see that so many here are being comforted.  Even though we are all busy, it is encouraging to see that we make it here when we can.  

Julian...I know what it feels like when the Elders take you to a place with no one around...It makes you feel sick inside when they do makes you feel like you are under interrogation.  They took you into the car for what they call keeping the discussion "confidential"....but this confidential atmosphere is in reality a control that few know what is really going on.  They keep secret anything that brings the "Organization" into a bad light...thus revealing that there is no "spritiual paradise" in the Organization. This keeping things "secret" can cover over things that should not be kept secret.  They want to sweep some things under the rug.  Jesus said the time will come when these "secrets" will be uncovered.  So many bad things are kept secret, (due to the purpose of keeping things "confidential"), this actually allows bad persons to continue doing bad things.   The "spiritual paradise" is not real.   There are so many bad things being done, (including bad things done by elders in good standing), that prove false to their claim to have godly devotion.  Sometimes I wonder where their faith in God is.  These things will not continue forever.  God's judgement is coming.  
May God bless all those that truly love him and his son Jesus.
Agape, Obe

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#13 [url]

Jan 6 15 1:49 AM

I am saddened for the trials and tribulations you and your family have gone through. .... but I am filled with joy your eyes and ears have been opened! It wasn't until our Heavenly Father opened my eyes and ears that I truly began to learn, feel, and understand The Word of God even though I was raise from infancy as a jw. I remember the day Pearl took a chance and shared some of what God and his son Jesus had opened to her....... I learned more in a few hours than I had learned in the passed 20 years going to the meetings. It was beautiful. I am at work and was only able to read the first post on here.. I just wanted to welcome you and your family. I will come back later to read more.
I love you all more than the words in this post can explain and express.

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#14 [url]

Jan 9 15 7:15 AM

To you, Pearl
To Everyone

 It was your note of encouragement that helped me post a comment in another forum.  It was entitled "Anointed Experiences" started by an anointed one.  I am putting my post here as well.  This doesn’t cover my years in the organization - I will have to work on that one -  but the eventual realization that I was an invited one.

Sometimes my heart literally aches to see the completion of the New Covenant and I believe that is also the motivating factor for my post.  I want to see this battle end.  I ache to see joy on all faces once God’s Kingdom is established.

Your words here under Be Fearless…:

"Even though it will take effort and strength for us to share those things, I am inclined to believe that each of us doing so, would be beneficial for not only us, but also for those to come...
and they are going to come. (Eze.36:8) (Zeph.3:20)"
Those scriptures contain the promise of joy.  Thank you so much for bringing them to my attention. 
I will add more here in the future.

Dear …..,

Your words:
Anyways, I do have a point I want to make, if your still with me and that is: in all the years I have been a JW, I have never read any experiences from anybody in regards to what happened to them upon their being anointed. Same with assemblies, not a word, zip. Now I understand that for some, there has been nothing supernatural that has occurred. They simply came to the realization that they were of the anointed. However for others, it seems that they needed a jump charge for them to come to that realization. I have met many others in the last few years that are relatively new partakers and most all of them have had a supernatural experience of some sort.

In 1981, just before being baptized, I had what you would call, a supernatural experience. I was so young and it was at a time of life when agony was paramount; there was so much sorrow. In tears I begged the Father to help me do His will and to help me endure what I was going through. As you say, ......, whether it was 2 minutes or 15 I couldn’t tell you, but the outpouring of warmth and love felt physically, emotionally and spiritually resulted in an overwhelming state of calm. I suppose it was the experience of love felt to a most high degree; and as ……. points out, the burden was lifted. I went on to be baptized, not knowing just exactly what it was all about, but I was sure Holy Spirit had answered my call for help. I would tell friends, just pray and you will undoubtedly know through Holy Spirit that God hears you. Only one person told me to consider that I was anointed; which caused a most negative reaction; and eventually over the years, I dismissed it. 

I catalogued the event into the far reaches of my spiritual self, for over 32 years. Three children later and after many spiritual obstacles affecting the family as a result of being within the organization, I pulled the event back to the forefront of my mind. Once learning of the real Truth in Christ and seeing the blatant hypocrisy within the organization I had a tremendous, almost an insatiable urge to understand the Body of Christ, not realizing that I was possibly part of it at the time. Those other anointed ones who are to teach the fine fruit were whom I sought. I suppose that is the “jump charge” you mentioned which was helped along by other anointed ones. John 15:1-8 Watching the GB, who profess to be anointed, showed me nothing but the disrespect they display to their brothers and sisters in Christ. 

It was then that I reached deep to recall the spiritual experience from so long ago. I also came to realize that following Christ required an ongoing refinement that included hard work, a heartfelt request for forgiveness of past sins including idolatry given to the org., persecution (as well as disfellowshipping - suffering a spiritual “death” Mark 8:35) , and a continuous desire to connect and support the Body of Christ. Mal 3:3Zech 13:9Matt 5:111 Cor 12:12-27

Last year, for the first time, I partook of the emblems, in tears and with the immense feeling of unworthiness in doing so. How the Father and Christ have been patient with me! It took 33 years for me to accept this calling to do His will which includes exclusive devotion devoid of the dominance of the Organization. Phil 3:13

I've provided a link to enlightening article on how anointed ones claim to be so, written by an anointed sister in response to a question. I'm sure you will side with much that is written. Also there is a reference to another anointed one’s experience; which is similar in some ways to my own.
http://4womaninthewilderness.blogspot.c ... h-how.html

love in Christ,

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#15 [url]

Jan 9 15 4:44 PM

Hi EveryOne:
Welcome Daz - thank you for sharing .. ..hope evrything is fine with you and your family and everyone here ..
Peely; thank you for sharing a part of your story here (I read it the other place, and hope the one you answered find his way - maybe here) Sorry i've been out of touch, but I'm thinking of you all everyday and I thought I should give some space to my son .... (I've also been away (3 weeks in des) without proper internetconnection) I'm currently engaged in 'speaking' with a couple inside the org (online) here in Norway, but I'm not sure what's coming out of it ; except if anybody google temas in norwegian they possibly can stumble over my answers since they are public .. What make me wonder is not their lack of understanding of the real truth but their lack of understanding of their own beliefs INSIDE he org.
I also have a small group on fb (closed) where I link to articles and where I've translated some pieces ....
Personally I especially appreciate 'Randoms' comments on your posts Pearl .. So no I've come around and have read his articles ... I would like to thank him for those!!
There is nto much to tell, life goes on and I feel like you Peely; hopeing that the new covenant soon is fulfilled .....I am still learning and sometimes it feels like I am reading a completely new book when I'm reading in the Bible and it's like everything is falling into place .. I read one thing and get an answer to another .. It's very exciting ...and wonderful .. like you said Grapevine ..
You're all in my thoughts and prayers.
I now I worry too much .. hehe


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#16 [url]

Jan 12 15 8:38 AM

Hi Jessica and Berucha,

Jessica, you made a comment that you learned more in a few hours with Pearl than 20 years as JW.  Hey, that was me, too! 

Berucha, you said you were surprised about the couple who have a lack of understanding of their own beliefs.  In my case, I was so busy trying to live the role of an elder’s wife and a mother of three rowdy boys that any beliefs further than the basics passed over my head with fading question marks.  Meetings were torture as well as the getting ready part.  Press the shirts, hurry the children, feed the children, and give my husband plenty of breathing room to prepare for his parts.  One meeting I arrived at the hall with two different shoes on and would never have noticed it if wasn’t brought to my attention!  Then, discipline each boy that failed to show attentiveness.  And afterwards, there were three separate corners for the boys to spend time in because of misbehaving.  I remember at one hall I would load the boys up into the car after meetings waiting for my husband to finish up, and  spend the time in tears over the absence of love felt in that particular hall. 

Appearing presentable (house, children, behaviour, service, attendance, participation, physical appearance....) in our roles crushed the both of us, I believe.  We were the victims of a phisod; an illusion of a spiritual classification with ultimately no meaning.  Each day went by in empty business (rule for this, rule for that) with no solid upbuilding food to grow on.  I think that is where the blindness takes root, and doctrine is passively accepted from then on.  Satan keeps most JWs busy with the petty leaving little time in a family situation to dig deeper.  That was my situation, anyway. 

I, too, have enjoyed Random’s comments, Berucha, and have used one on another forum (hope that was okay?) without including your name, Random!   I will “google temas in Norwegian” and see what you have going on, Berucha!  If you see Julian, give him my love.I loved reading both your comments.

I pray for you both everyday also; as well as everyone whom I have met through Pearl’s forum. 


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#17 [url]

Jan 12 15 8:46 PM

Oh Peely,
I had no idea what you endured. I suffered by my turning to the elders for help, as we all know we are constantly directed to do, as if they were God's priests, and Christ's fellow princes (Mal.2:7; Isa.32:1,2; 9:6). But I have never realized what it would be like, if my husband had conformed himself to the elder mould.
I too, took the Organization's "counsel" to heart, firmly insisting that my little girls learn to obey the Beast. The "rapt attention" they demand for all, must be feigned. How can doctrines pounded on the heart, come from the heart, when they are not proven by the Words of our beloved Father, to whom we know we owe our devotion? They held us by fear, constantly reminding us, that without unquestioning subjection and obedience to them, we were without any hope for God's approval, or the life He grants.
We believed it. This is why we subjected our dear children to the same tyranny, and even enforced it at home in our family life. We believed them. We put our trust, in them (Ps.118:8; Isa.2:22).

We know that our first concern now, is seeking God's forgiveness. How grateful we are, that He promises us that he desires none to be destroyed (2Pet.3:9), that He delights in repentance (Eze.18:23), and that he will put our sins far away and forget them (Ps.103:12; Heb.8:12), if we turn to doing good (Gen.4:7; Eze.33:19; Luke15:7). How grateful we are for His salvation and love!
  Our second urgency, is the cleansing of our minds of past indoctrination. Even in this, our God provides the discipline and refinement we need. It was there all along, contained in His Holy Word.
  Our third urgency, is to contend with these tyrannical giants. They resemble Goliath in their arrogant confidence. No one can fight against God and win. We must destroy the spells of deception, the spirits of demons that come out of their mouths and defile them, while those same dark exhalations guide yet others to the pit. Others may yet be snatched out of the fire of destruction. We pray this is so. We are agents of reconcilliation with God, while it is still His acceptable time. (2Cor.5:18-20; Isa.55:6,7)

How many years can pass by, while we are going in circles! Satan must have a good laugh, and taunt God while we obey his every command through the false prophet and it's Beast. No wonder God asks his sons to provide Him with the basis for a reply to the taunter.
"Slanderer"...."accuser". We learned that those words defined the name of "Satan".
Those blasphemers taught us that this name was given the serpent, because it slandered and accused God.
What a lie! No one can accuse God of any wrongdoing. God makes clear, that the serpent accuses and slanders His sons....Christ's brothers, "day and night" (Rev.12:10; Job1:9-11; Zech.3:1).
I interpret Prov.27:11 quite differently now, seeing that God's shame is in our compromise, not in His own.
Though we may have wasted more than half our lives in the synagogue of Satan, and ruined the loving family our deepest heart desired to provide our beloved children...
It is not too late to prove our pure devotion to our Father and our Lord.

If we do this,
everything else we have lost, can be restored.
Love to all,
image image

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#18 [url]

Jan 13 15 8:39 AM

I suppose I am whining here since I know there are many out there that suffered the same in these matters at the hand of the beast.  It’s when Satan uses every ironic trick, every twist and turn that causes the serious questions and confusion.  This type of pounding of the heart came from the arrogance of “Goliath”, to use your term.  It came in devious ways, adding insult to injury in whichever way we turned.  I will try to share these someday. 

I have apologized to my children for an upbringing filled with this confusion.  They now turn aside all belief in the Father and Christ as a result of what has happened. They also recognized early on the hypocrisy shown to their parents as well as their parent’s reaction to what literally was nonsense.   Satan causes a death-dealing chain reaction – the Beast pounds the parents, parents pound the children and the children flee from God.  I continue to pray that they will appeal to the Father for understanding, and that anything I may share will show the comfort Christ can provide and will not fall on deaf ears. 

I also have to leave their hearts in God’s hands.

Thank you as always, Pearl, for your comforting words and scriptures for all of us.
 As Berucha says,love and peace

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#19 [url]

Jan 13 15 10:08 AM

Hi there Berucha, thankyou kindly for your warm welcome! I am happy to meet you!
Just wanted to 'Hi' to everyone as I have not been on here for a while, much has been going on!
I hope you are all keeping well & good!

Warm & loving regards,

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#20 [url]

Jan 13 15 6:15 PM

Peely; You made me laugh, although it's nothing to laugh about ... Remembering all the stress hoping to get ready in time for the meetings .. J always tried to - and managed often - to get out of the door when he was dressed and I was dressing myself, trying to get some extra playtime before he had to sit still for so long ... Often his newely ironed and clean pants then were stained when we arrived the hall .. I also remember dressing him in shorts a hot summer day on a convention, and that that was not 'right' according to some. I somehow learned to ignore it and in the later years I spoke up in small groups about the preassure about how to dress and the beard thing ( I never undrestood that one and even though it was a joke the first time I heard about it; Did they really tell me that bearded men was not approved by God?)
Pearl; My heart cries for you as a mother; we all want to protect our children and it's so hard to let go as they grow up .. As long as they are children we can interfere ... As adults we have to leave them completely to God, trusting He sees our heartace. (it was a struggle bringing up a boy alone, but I appreciate the closeness we got out of it: I have never been close to my parents) I do not think any child, as they grow up forget what their parents did for them - close or not! There is always hope !
We all have to battle our fears, and source ourselves in love : I think that's very important do to our time inside the Org. Physically we have escaped, but our feelings are often tangled up to what we endured, so we need to comfort eachother AND ourselves.
The Anointed One is TRUTH, The Almighty is LOVE : We need them both !!
Pearl; THANK YOU so much again for your hard work !!!
Hi Daz .. Grapevine, Deborah, Obadiah, Barb, Bondgirl, Whizzy, Elsimore, Okinawa and evrybody else (my belowed son included)
Love you all, B image

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