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Jul 6 15 8:24 PM

Thank you for your kind words Obadiah
I pray for all of you here, for my family and friends and for all those trapped inside
Pearl .. I did that; put it after the final witnesses .... i guess it was that who realy made them react in a rather hostile way .. called me up, and i said i had problem hearing because of allergy or something, but they just kept on talking ... two times .. i said i had said it all in the letter ... but i had only sent it to one of them so i did not know how much each of them knew.. so i left a letter in the letterbox to one of the other guy -finding out who he was do to the telephonnumber they jused .. remember, i did not hear their names .. lol .. the third one i still do not know ..
I found a picture on a site coming in on my fb site: it was outside a covention in Switserland and showed several flags with hanging outside on flagpoles....

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Jul 8 15 3:31 PM

Hi There Berucha,
Wanted to pass on my regards and to say keep on with the fight. Its difficult when you have been a "jw" for so long...and then your eyes are opened. I was one for 25 years...and had to leave. Your situation is differant...and to lose those you love because of their own blindness and being branded 666,is hard to cope with. 

I think of Daniels friends who were thrown into the fire of the King for not worshipping his image. Very symbolic of the fire/tribulation we face for not worshipping the beast. The whole nation behind the King and was against these 3 men. Yet within the fire,there was 4 people,not 3. There was an angel with them in their tribulation

We leave the idol worshippers,but we are not alone,though they are brainwashed into thinking we are. Invisible are Jahs invisible sons or Jahs and His HS with us. The war we are involved with rages within the invisible and here on earth!

Truth is invisible,but it comes from the Fathers mind and heart...and is transfered to ours. Whatever we understand coming from Him is because He "draws us to Him" because of what He sees in our hearts,not what blind slaves think of us. 

So stay loyal. Dont think you have to take any rubbish from the "elders". Be respectful,but take a stand,dont be afraid of their "gentile" attitude. Stick to one point and have scriptures ready. Dont let them get of the subject. Because when they see you are making a valid point,they will try to change the subject.

f making a statement for Jahs truth is our goal,Jah will be with us. 

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