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May 18 16 11:29 PM

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Kingdom Ministry 1974,  Sept, Pg. 8 Question Box,……..”Furthermore, we do not want to give others the impression that the Tetragrammaton is the symbol of Jehovah’s witnesses as a whole. We have no organizational symbol to identify ourselves but show that we are Jehovah’s Christian witnesses by living in harmony with God’s will.”—John 13:35.

"jehovahs witnesses” think they have the exclusive use and "patent" on Yhwh,because of the word "jehovah". They think because they have made the word "jehovah" known world wide,that somehow they truly do represent the Truth about God,whose name is Yhwh.

But do they? As anyone who knows the real truth,the word "jehovah" is an invention. It was a word made up by a catholic Priest around the 11th or 12th century. Even the GB admit that "yahweh" might be closer to the "truth" about how the Tetragrammaton is pronounced. If it is,then "jehovah" cant be right if "yahweh" is closer to how Yhwh is  pronounced.

The fact is,no-one on planet earth knows how its pronounced!

The organisation  JWs are part of,ARE branded by "false religion" in the name they use,which comes from the Catholics. They think  bearing the "name" jehovah,sets them apart from false religion! But it doesnt.

They are deep inside Hades of "not knowing". They are "not knowing" even about something as basic as the name they bear, a name being from deep inside Hades...and they are deep inside "Satan's synagogue" which is part of the spiritual condition of Hades...because they bear that mutilation of Yhwh.

So are "jehovahs witnesses" really separate from all other "false religions"...and separate from satans influences? No! The name they bear which is a Catholic invention,shows they are still part of satan world wide religious system of blindness. The difference with JWs,is that they are the Dual World power being used by satan to trample Anointed in their captivity.

Its interesting that the Catholics used to like their other title. The Roman Catholic church. This is very fitting considering where the word,NOT name, "jehovah" came from.

Romans were the ones used by the apostate religious system to put Christ to death. The Romans were spiritual Gentiles. Jah predicted through His Son that Gentiles would be part of a dual world power,that would trample Anointed..and Kill them just as Roman/Gentiles killed His Son.

So isnt it fitting,that "Romans/Gentiles" are still affecting Anointed at this time,by the influences of "Roman/Gentile Catholics" inventing a false pronunciation of Yhwh,that would be part of a title,used by other spiritual Gentiles/Beast/MOL/"elders",who trample and Kill Christ's Brothers being faithful to their calling. Thinking they are bearing "gods name" and are thus justified in killing those faithful to Christ!

If they only knew,even the name of their organisation comes from Hades...a place of "not knowing".

"While many are inclined to view the pronunciation “Yahweh” as the more correct way, we have retained the form “Jehovah” because of people’s familiarity with it for centuries."

We worship the Father (whose name they supposedly bear) with spirit and Truth,not with what people are "familiar" with. If that were so,we would accept anything “familiar” within the LIES of JWs. The fact that NO-ONE knows,shows there is a reason for that! The disgrace JWs would bring upon Gods name,might be one very good reason..

A quote from “Aid to Bible Understanding” about the GB admitting where the word “jehovah” came from.

“By combining the vowel signs of 'Adho.nay and 'Elo.him' with the four consonants of the Tetragrammaton the pronunciations Yeho.wah' and Yehowih' were formed. The first of these provided the basis for the Latinized form "Jehova(h)." The first recorded use of this form dates from the thirteenth century C.E. Raymundus Martini, a Spanish monk of the Dominican Order, used it in his book Pugeo Fidei of the year 1270.

Hebrew scholars generally favor "Yahweh" as the most likely pronunciation.Aid to Bible Understanding, Watchtower Bible And Tract Society, 1971, pp. 884, 885 

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May 19 16 8:20 AM

Hi JD,
Good post.   So...the JWs have no "symbol" ... (We have no organizational symbol to identify ourselves but show that we are Jehovah’s Christian witnesses by living in harmony with God’s will.”—John 13:35.)
Well then, what about the "flag" and the JW.ORG symbol that they are promoting.
 I remember the picture Peely put up  showing the numerous blue and white "flags" (similar to the UN).

So they have their own flag now.  
(The picture is here but fails to show can search JW.ORG Flags... images... on Google to see them. If you don't see them in the search page results at the link below...then just click on the images tab on Google.

Then there is this quote:  ("While many are inclined to view the pronunciation “Yahweh” as the more correct way, we have retained the form “Jehovah” because of people’s familiarity with it for centuries." )
So then ...are not people very familiar with the "cross" as a symbol of Christianity?  The WT organization chooses what ever suits there purposes.  
...and since the J is not found in the Hebrew, and the name is derived from the Hebrew word hawah ...why not use the Y and write it as  Yahawah....Yehawah...The name may have originally been derived from the old Semitic root הוה (hawah) meaning "to be" or "to become".
Brother Paulo from Brazil found that "hovah" means mischief maker, destroyer...while hawah means to be...or causes to become.
So then...maybe hovah better suits the organization...more than we think.  Do they really represent God...or do they represent the adversary of God...the destroyer...the mischief maker?

They are deep in the Hades of not knowing.      What will they think when their eyes are opened up for them to see what they are?
As Peely says...we would hope for them to wake up and turn around...however things are looking like this will just go on and prophecy will be fullfilled as God says.   The Harlot will be thrown down...she will suffer the same (even twice as much) as she did to the faithful ones that she had thrown out as outcasts. (John 16:2)  
 Revelation 18:6 (CEBA) Give her what she has given to others. Give her back twice as much for what she has done. In the cup that she has poured, pour her twice as much.

Good post JD.
Hello to all.
Agape, Obadiah

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#2 [url]

May 19 16 2:54 PM

Hey Obi,
Think this is a big enough "organizational symbol"...LOL! If that isnt idolatry,what is?
Id love to see the hebrew word Paulo found (hawah )  and WHERE he found it. Think you could ask him?

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#3 [url]

May 19 16 5:37 PM

I read it on Paulo's site.
 I think he may have researched the hovah word,   (I suppose you can just google it)...I find that this gets quicker answers than asking someone about it.  I did this myself to make sure.  
I think he knew that hawah was known and used as a teaching tool by the org.
.... when we were learning about the name in our early yrs....the Watchtower's pioneers bring out that the name...was derived from the Hebrew verb "hawah" which means "to become" it is not unknown to them...they just choose to use what they do.  It's almost like Satan keeps concealing the truth every way he can.
Great picture here JD....I wonder if  (the lapel pin) was just  photo - shopped in, or maybe the lady is a JW and was receiving a medal  posthumously for her deceased husband,  

I clicked on the google link in my post and most of the time the search page shows the flags...sometimes going to images will do it also.

I hope you are feeling ok...and I am sorry that your mom is so sick.

Agape Obe.

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#5 [url]

May 20 16 7:00 PM

Hi JD,
Out of curiosity , I googled the question about the lady, lapel pin, and the president engine results revealed that he was handing out the medal of valor to at least seventeen fallen police officers in Philadelphia.  Apparently this older lady was the grandma to one of the fallen officers...she was accepting it for him.  JWs are not allowed to be police, military,or any job requiring carrying and the possible using of guns or deadly force.  So he was not (or was no longer) a JW.   It is sad that he died...and probably not the best choice for her to be advertising the JW organization since it is hypocritical at best...I wonder if she considered any of this at all.

On another note...the Divine Name Brochure has the information about the Hebrew verb "hawah"...and how the JWs used that brochure to convince the study individual that they had the correct spelling and pronounciation.  Of course the only real truth is the four letters that make up the divine
"descriptive" name/title  
I bet one of your JW aquaintances would be happy to get you one...or there might be one lying around the house. It's sort of tan and wheat colored.


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#6 [url]

Jun 12 16 6:32 PM

Hi JD,
               I found the information that I read...I found Paulo's link in the name of God article I posted at.......

Paulo's link for the information on "hovah" can be found here at his site:

f this link fails to get you can go to the article I wrote at Obadiah Blogs...Name of God......but I think it will work here. unless yuku has more trouble.

Agape Obe. 

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