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May 13 16 3:08 PM

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The GB are "preparing" jws for the upcoming "fulfillment" of their false prophetic understanding of the "great tribulation". How?

There will be a video shown at the conventions this year. Its supposedly shot during the "great tribulation" where a group of jws are in the basement of someone house..and its like a bunker.

We are witnessing a new way false prophecy is being used in our time by satan through his Harlot. satans harlot has been doing this since Russell. But as we get closer to the end of the sifting of Anointed within jws,satan is ramping up his lies by a new tactic.

The false prophecy regarding the GT being a prelude to Armageddon,is not be the TRUE fulfilment of what the "great tribulation". As we know this is because we have learnt,"great tribulation" is part of the "Birth-pangs" and these happen only to Anointed.

But the false prediction is NOW being used on jws to instill fear into them,so they will stay within jws and remain slaves of satan through his Beast.

The  implication is,that they wont  have "jehovahs protection" during this time of "tribulation",if they are not "loyal to jehovahs spirit directed organisation". What LIES!

Its not Love or Truth anymore. satan is using fear from false prophecy to instill loyalty to his beast.

 Weather satan makes a "great tribulation" to be mimicked within his world to make the GB predcitions to APPEAR  to fulfil bible prophecy...and thus seem right,we dont know. But false prophecy is being used to control jws to be loyal BEFORE it supposedly happens. So weather satan makes a GT happen within his world,he IS using the false prediction,even if it does not happen. The video will be seen at the conventions this year! Just hope the video is legitimate.

BUT we do know the "great tribulation" is part of the Birth-pangs" and these happen to Anointed. So WE will know its will be a false predicition/fulfillment happening with satans backing...IF it does happen.

If it does happen it will be to distract Anointed still asleep within jws. Even if it doesnt,Anointed who are asleep within jws will be effected by this video. They will already being affected by the fear of this video...and its false prophetic message,which is dont leave "jehovahs spirit directed organisation"!

Start looking at the clip from time 9:16. This is when the leaked video begins. [url]

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May 13 16 5:00 PM

Importantly,we all realise that Armageddon is intenifying within Anointed. Armageddon is a civil War within Anointed (Rev12:7) Gods Prophet is being used to explain what the "great tribulation" is! This message is being spread by Anointed and others...and some Anointed are waking up and seeing the lies of the GB about prophetic matters.

Since Armageddon is a civil War within Anointed through messages of Truth or lies,what will satan do through his Angel/messengers,when Christ's Angel messengers are seeing that some Anointed are waking up because of Christ's messages, which expose prophetic lies,such as what really is the "great tribulation"? He will use his Angel/messengers within the GB to INTENSIFY the "lying messages",by making a video which depicts what the "great tribulation" will be like! So satans messenger/angels are being used in a differant way in HOW these "messages" of lies are presented!

Does satan want Anointed within jws waking up to this? Do they know THEY are the Ones who must endure "great tribulation"/Birth-pangs in order to attain their Heavenly Hope?Acts 14:22 No!

So satan is ramping up his lies within jws about the "great tribulation",so Anointed are distracted so they are not seeking the truth through Christ  about what it trully is. Through FEAR of not being "protected" during the "great tribulation",satan through lies is trying to stop Anointed listenig to Christ!

Armageddon is gaining pace. We are seeing satan stepping up his propaganda about prophetic lies,so Anointed within jws stay asleep to Christ's "messages". This video is an attempt by satan to get Anointed looking within the organisation for truth,through the THREAT of not having "gods protection" during "the great tribulation",if they look outside the org for "truth" and thus will not have "gods protection". Satan is using fear to stop Anointed from listening to Christ!

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May 14 16 1:08 AM

Thankyou for this post JD it was very informative, yes many Jw's have stayed in the organization through fear & as God's day draws near the GB certainly have upped their fear tactics. Yes indeed we should fear God Almighty but we should remain loyal to him out of love for Him & His Son not just out of fear.
1 John 4:16-19:
God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. In this way, love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment, because in this world we are like him. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.By this, love is perfected with us, that we may have confidence in the day of judgment; because as He is, so also are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. We love, because He first loved us.

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May 14 16 8:13 AM

Thanks JD and Daz.

I did see the video....looks a  lot like the "survivalists" that the JWs mocked for all those years..(but without the guns).

It fails to represent the actual lives of most JWs. Even in the USA.  Very few in the world will be able to relate to the basement bunker view here.  Most JWs here, in the USA, also in Russia, as well as in Europe, live a lot less affluently as do those at Watchtower headquarters.  Some may live well , but most are barely making ends meet.  Especially in the underdeveloped countries of the planet, most JWs live quite differently.  It seems that this video is directed to those in the wealthier developed countries where the organization is most concerned about.  
This is where their money comes from. This is where the internet is hurting the organization more than helping it.  If they lost most of the "western" wealthy countries... then their monies would dry up quickly.  The poorer countries do little to add to the Watchtower Society's monetary funds.
Sadly...few of the JWs watching this video will see through it's deception.

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#4 [url]

May 14 16 1:35 PM

Hey Obi.
what i couldnt believe is where did they find people who could keep a straight face acting this nonsence! They must believe its true coming from the GB to portray it!

This is worse than the hype around 1975. Over here in Australia,there was "survivalist" thinking! I remember my Mum buying water purifying tablets,we stocked dry food for a while.

But this is far worse,now they have a VIDEO which they will show at the conventions?! I doubt satan will let his system decend into chaos. He will lose total control. But the fact is,like the hype and fear around 1975,the "fulfillment" doesnt have to happen in order to control jws. 1975 didnt,yet look at the damage. People sold homes. Left good jobs. Didnt have children. That was without it happening. So with the hysteria the GB are trying to fan.

Funny story i remember. The wrong application of the "birds" Jah would invite to feed on the dead from Armageddon. Rumours got to my congo that there was a PLAGUE of vultures that were out of control in some part of the world...and this was a "sign" that Armageddon was close...because Jah was helping them breed for the dead that would result from Armageddon.  LOL.

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#5 [url]

May 15 16 4:13 PM

Hi JD,
      "Stay alive till 75"...I think that was the general expression at the time.   You are needs not happen for them to keep control over the JWs.  Although the Watctower Organization denys that they promoted this is quite evident when a person researches this on the internet...that in fact (there are videos and quotes) ...the Society did promote it.   It served the organization's purpose at the time. 

      The organization has no problem finding JWs to do these dramatizations.  Most consider it a great status (and of course "privilege") to be a part of it.  They will do their best to act out the part as they are directed to do.  I doubt that the WT is saying this is coming soon to a theatre near you..(not setting exact dates if they can help it) is more likely a tactic to keep the focus in the JWs minds...on the eventual coming of the Watchtower's idea of the GT/Armageddon.  They are finding it better to be vague rather than clear.  

 I think that the organization will refrain from getting caught in any actual dates if they can.   The internet is causing them more harm than good.  
Of course anyone who can see what is really going on as concerns "the truth"...and especially if it bothers their consciences...would not want to have anything to do with "making progress" in this Wild Beast organization.  

Agape,  Obe

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#6 [url]

May 16 16 7:27 AM

Hi all,
Who owns the basements they are all staying in? Some ones that didn't take the "next step"? 
When you are chosen for a part on the assembly, it is all rehearsed, and your part is given to you. You aren't suppose to tell anyone you have a part till they see it. My claim to fame in the organization was being ill and staying faithful. They didn't use the part of losing my mother around that time because she was not a witness. Also, they said to show emotion was good.  Once the part about my mother was tossed, I was ok with not showing any. Ugh, so asleep!! And what did they do with their little dog when they simplified?

P.S.  Hi Peely. I appreciate your work on other web sites. I feel bad when they quote scriptures and it is right in front of them. You give them the answers and they don't except them. 

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#7 [url]

May 16 16 7:00 PM

Hello Debbie,
Good point....if all those owning homes (with basements) took the next step and sold their homes...the "bethelites" would only have the World headquarters and bethel facilities to go to.  It's highly unlikely that all the millions of JWs would find shelter from the GT in such places as depicted in the video.  Even if some were to find's highly unlikely that they would escape the mayhem that the WT says is going to happen.  
Yes you are right about the drama and the is all prepared and rehearsed.  They act just as they are told.
I'm sorry to hear how they dismissed your feelings about your mom.  It's really only about the goals they wish to achieve....and not really presenting the whole story of what you went through.   They use people and their experiences for their own purposes.  

Yes...the pets will have a difficult time during the GT as the Watchtower portrays...I guess the sick and elderly will also have a difficult time.  I noticed that they don't address these things.   It is sad that the indoctrinated JW will not see any of this.

I hope you and Jacob are doing well.

Agape,  Obe

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#8 [url]

May 17 16 6:55 PM

The Watchtower is putting out “feature length” movies now that play heavily on the emotions. I have seen the preview of one to be presented at the convention,and it will most likely get "good reviews".    I remember how there was much scoffing in the organization in regard to evangelists who used “too much emotion” when praying and singing.  It really isn’t much different than using a movie to bring on the tears, than through any other church’s tactic to rally people together for a united belief.  For the organization, it is now a constant emotional feeding program.

I also remember the day just recently that I held my hand up to God, literally, in tears and felt incredibly close to Him. When Solomon offered up his prayer to Godat the dedication of the finished temple he did so on his knees and with both hands “spread up to the heavens”.  How simply wonderful such true worship can be.  We don’t need to prepare or rehearse for anything, just give God and Jesus our words from the heart in love.

Good to see you here, Daz  - thanks for the scripture.  It is the confidence “in the day of judgment” that the organization really can’t perceive at all, as they lack the ability to reach love without fear, that as you say they are now targeting in the sheep.  I think about the GB a lot, they are men whom I would like to see turn around; I even picture what their faces might look like if the opened their eyes, as losing any life is hard for me to bear.  But they have destroyed so many lives through their own loveless acts, and their heart is one of stone and not of flesh. The Harlot must go down.  I must remember God’s justice is perfect, and He is love; if we perfect this justice and love in ourselves, we will have solid, unshakeable confidence in the day of judgment.  It is accomplished through the receiving of the "new heart".  

Ezek 36:26  "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh."

It's interesting that the root word for the Hebrew word "flesh" in Ezek 26:36 means "tidings, show forth, publish, messenger, preached"

"I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them.  Then you shall dwell in the land that I gave to you fathers; you shall be My people, and I will be your God."  Ezek 36:27,28  

No wonder we are compelled to tell everyone to "come out of her"!  The spirit in our new heart causes us to preach the upcoming judgment upon God's people, as well as the good tidings waiting for those who care to listen.  

Hi Deborah, so good to see you here and I am sorry for what you suffered at the hands of the beast  I am actually glad I never had a part in the conventions or assemblies.  Since my husband wore a beard we were pretty much ostracized during those times  - our family was not the image they wanted portrayed, yet on the congregational level he was loaded down with all the assignments no one else wanted.  We have all experienced the hypocrisy, but now we are free.  image

love to all,

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