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2Timothy 3:1 But realize this,that in the last days difficult times will come.

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Apr 28 16 6:14 PM

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2Ti 3:1
But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.

2Ti 3:2
For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy,

2Ti 3:3
unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, [fn]haters of good,

2Ti 3:4
treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,

2Ti 3:5
holding to a form of [fn]godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.

Just as the Birth-Pang Signs are mis-applied within satans world by the Harlot,so to are the words Paul was inspired to prophesy.

These attitudes are seen within satans world,but its NOT the fulfilment of Paul's words. They are happening right now within Anointed as a group. Especially amongst the GB,because they are Harlots,and are leading the way in spiritually corrupting people especially Anointed

The last days are “ difficult times” for anointed trying to wake up,but the GBs attitude is affecting everyone within jws.

2Ti 3:1 But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.'

2Ti 3:2 “For men will be lovers of self,”
Are the GB listening to Christ because they LOVE Him? No! What they want by misuse of the organisation,proves they dont love Christ or truth coming from Him. Loving Christ means loving Truth. They love themselves and what they lust for,so their love of lies gets them what they want.

“lovers of money”.
The GB have residents like millionaires. They have access to holiday homes,which are bought from contributions of rank and file jws. They are no better than Judas in stealing from trustful jws. Disgusting! They live in “shameless luxury”.

How do they get this money? Stealing it from trusting jws!!  Because they are "lovers of money" they will betray the trust in them,by stealing from members of jws.

“boastful, arrogant”.
hey “boast”/claim to represent Christ,yet wont listen to Him. Because of this LIE...and they have no-one at present to remove them from their place upon the Beast,they ARE “arrogant”. “We have made a covenant with death”. They think they are untouchable.

“Revilers”. They mock anyone who challenges them,even calling them “mentally diseased”. Which is just another way of saying,anyone who challenges them has mental problems. How “arrogant” is that!

“disobedient to parents”.
Notices is says “parents” PLURAL. Jah and Christ are offering Anointed to be their parents through being “adopted”. Their Anointing is proof of that invitation. Are the GB being obedient to their intended parents ? No! They are truly “disobedient to (their) parents” Jah and Christ!

Look at what Christ was willing to do in order for them to be offered “adoption”. He died a TERRIBLE death so they could receive their adoption. Have they acted in a “grateful” for such a gift? No! Because of this,they ARE “unholy”. They have acted in such a way,that shows they are NOT “grateful” for the Holy gift of His Holy sacrifice,which makes their Anointing possible.

2Ti 3:3 “unloving, irreconcilable”.
Christ is trying to tell Anointed within the GB to repent,so they can be “reconciled” with their Husbandly owner. This has been going on for over 100 years! But they will not listen,so they are “irreconcilable”,no matter what Christ says to save them. Those sealed as harlots will lose their heavenly reward.

 “malicious gossips”
Think about the terrible slander through CONSTANT “gossip” within jw publications the GB level at Christs Anointed brothers who expose them. Instead of admitting the lies and repenting to save their Heavenly Hope,they slander and “gossip” about them,to make it look like they Ones exposing them are liars and the worst type of people. YET,the GB are the ones who have the spiritual problems,NOT Christ Brothers trying to be faithful.

“without self-control, brutal”
They cannot control their lusts for power. They will do whatever it takes to end those who threaten their “power base” and false reasons for being where they are within the organisation. How far will they go? They will be “brutal”. They are behind the Dfing of any Anointed who expose them using a terrible LIE. That the faithful one DFed is apostate against Jah and Christ. Is this not “brutal”,just to satisfy their ungodly lusts? This cuts the faithful one away from their families. A terrible brutal thing to do.

Only “haters of good” would do such a thing!

2Ti 3:4 “treacherous”
As Judas killed his brother Christ which was a “treacherous” thing to do,the GB are behind the killing of THEIR fellow Anointed who expose them. The way its done...and why,is “treacherous”

“reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God”
Being within jws and where they are placed,brings them great “pleasure”. Power is addictive. Look at satan and what he did to gain power and control. But which is the greater prize...power without Gods backing...or being loyal to the person who wants to be your “parent”?

 2Ti 3:5 “holding to a form of [fn,religion]godliness,although they have denied its power”
The GB have a “religion” which seems to shout “we love God”. So it is a form of “religion/godliness”. They say to jws “love your neighbour”. That seems very honorable,yet what they DO,shows they have “denied” its true intention,by going against the very things they preach. They say “jws stand out within the world because we show love”. Yet look at what they do to Christs brothers! They are symbolically “killed” by them being DFed. At such a basic level of loving their fellow invited brothers,they have failed. Is this not going against the very tenets of the “religion/godliness” they govern..and tell all jws to follow?

“Avoid such men as these.” Having identified WHO these “men” are in the last days,we need to avoid their corruptive spiritual influences. Its because they are no longer faithful,that there are so many aspects to THEIR apostate nature,as described in detail by Paul.

Are we seeing all these things within the GB? It tells us we are within the last days!

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#1 [url]

Apr 28 16 8:36 PM

Hi JD,
         Yes critical times indeed.  You point out the traits in 2 Timothy and show how they can apply to the Governing Body .   The scriptures often apply to those who say that they are "Christians".  Their "form of Godly devotion" has proved false to it's power.  They say...but they fail to Jesus also said concerning the religious leaders of the first century.  
                                So is aimed at "religious" people because they have a form of Godly Devotion.
         Indeed the Governing Body does live in "shameless luxury" while the average JW must struggle to support his family. They ask for more money to be donated so that they can pay for all the child sexual abuse cases, and clean up the toxic waste land (that they knowingly bought) at the Warwick project.  They use free labor to clean up and build there. They expose the volunteers to future physical harm from the toxic waste land also. The "Good Samaritan" did prove to be the neighbor of the Jew who was beaten up by "robbers". All the Jewish men who passed by the fallen Jewish man (thier neighbor and "brother") failed to show compassion for their fellow Jewish neighbor.  What kind of compassion will the Watchtower Organization and it's Governing Body show the volunteers when they become sick from the exposure to toxic waste?  Likely these "robbers" covered their "assets" by having all volunteers sign some sort of "waiver" that the volunteers will have a legal hurdle if they decide to sue the Watchtower.  Then the Watchtower will have to ask for more donations.  Arrogantly saying they would never beg for money...and yet they the JW televangelist broadcasts shows.
Slandering any anointed who dares to speak up for truth, they then have the elders "throw them out of the congregations...and make them outcasts. They enforce the unloving practice of forbidding anyone (including family members) to associate with the ones that have been made "outcasts".  Just as the JW televangelist broadcast said...about being fit for nothing but the garbage can..showing the brother throw out the filthy polluted bread in the garbage. 
I suppose that if we could read the hearts of men...we might be able to show how so much of 2 Timothy applies to the Governing Body as well as some of the high officials of the Watchtower Organization...but only God and Jesus can read hearts.  It would be wise for the GB as well as any of the high officials to take note of your post and do some deep soul searching...perhaps it may not be to late for some of them.  If they continue to grieve holy spirit and sin against holy will be too late then.

Agape, Obadiah

Last Edited By: Obadiah Apr 28 16 8:44 PM. Edited 2 times.

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#2 [url]

Apr 29 16 5:55 AM

I am often surprised at how many scriptures we thought we understood, due to the interpretations of "Watchtower" doctrine,
only to be jarred awake to the authentic and bitter interpretation, as it applies today.
That is exactly what John was showed about our experience, when handed the scroll at Rev.10:10.
At first, that piece of information tasted sweet to him. He thought it was God's Word.
But later, it turned bitter in his stomach, giving him a huge belly ache, making him feel sick. 
That's what happens, when we take into our inmost parts, the wormwood teachings of the Harlot (Prov.5:3-4).
So we were forewarned by Jesus, two thousand years ago, that this was going to happen.
It makes sense that this would be part of the Great Tribulation, knowing that Satan is now out of the abyss, waging war with the remaining ones of the "woman's" seed.
Through the false prophet that has horns like a lamb, but "speaks like a dragon" (Rev.13:11); the "river" of wormwood waters has been directed at the woman (Rev.12:15), channeled through that "fallen star" / false prophet. Thanks be to God, that woman was saved from Satan's deceptive power (Rev.12:14) and is fed the truth, instead (Rev.12:6; 11:3)... the living water from God's throne (Rev.22:1) in heaven (Isa.66:1).
Thank you for your expressions, JD.

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#3 [url]

Apr 29 16 2:57 PM

Hey Pearl,Looking at what the GB put into their spiritual bodies...and what is the result to themselves. Its like the expression: You ARE what you eat.Their attitude is the result of what they eat. When people have certain diets,this effects how they think,their appearance,how they relate with other people.

So the "wormwood" does more than give the GB and jws...a pain in the belly. Its absorbed into their spiritual selves. If your diet is LIES,how will that effect us mentally? Its cant help but effect our attitudes. "Because of the increasing of lawlesness,the LOVE of the greater number will cool of". Matt 24;12. This verse is part of the Birth-pang signs. So the "increasing of lawlesness" is seen amongst Anointed,esp the GB! Its effecting the "love" they have for jws within the organisation they "govern". There is no TRUE love from the GB towards jw members.

This is also because of the lies ingested by jws. But for the GB,their attitude towards jws,is terrible. Is it love to deliberatley continue teaching LIES.To the GB,jws are just a means to an end. To have their lusts of ruling fulfilled,just like satan viewed adam and eve. Instead of seeing them as Gods beautiful Children,he was willing to kill them just to get what he wanted.

Also,think of companies who sell known prodcts that kill,like cigarettes. They KNOW it kills the people they sell their products to. They come up with all kinds of deluded reasonings,so they can continue to sell their "killer products" and make money from these people they kill. This has to effect them.

The GB say they love people. But they KNOW what they present to jws are lies! How they rationalise that,will effect them as a person..much like selling cigarettes to people knowing they will kill them...and make them suffer serious health effects.

Jah will bring to ruin,those who ruin unsealed Anointed earth...and their potential to reach their heavenly goal. Its done deliberatly,to keep their power. Rev 11;18.

With Judas,"satan entered into him" and then did his bidding. The time has come when we see the GB have allowed satan to enter them...and Paul describes in detail satanic manifestations seen in his UNfaithful anointed sons/angel/messengers. Rev12:7.

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#4 [url]

Apr 29 16 10:13 PM

Hello everyone,
We have a movie in the states called supersize me, where a man eats McDonald's food three times a day for a month as an experiment while being monitored by a doctor. Besides gaining a lot of weight his thinking is very foggy, blood tests show poor liver function, etc. yet he craves more.  A spiritual diet like that makes it easier to be put under a spell, which JW's are. 
I was just talking to a JW about 1Timothy 1-5. Thank you for more clarity and scriptures. 
I am going to send this because I don't know what I'm doing but I keep losing what I write before I can save it.

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#5 [url]

Apr 30 16 6:05 AM

Wow, good comment JD. 
You bring out the truth, when you say the result of Wormwood water (which is also the Harlot's wine) results in more than a belly ache. 
The Bible portrays, that it is absorbed into their blood, so that their very soul (Lev.17:11) is the "venom of vipers" (Deut.32:32-33).
This is exactly why Christ treads the "winepress". It is to squeeze the falsehood from them. Those marked by ("666") are false witnesses. The falsehood filling their souls (symbolized by their blood), will cause the lifeblood they have chosen, to kill them, because they will drown on their own blood. They drown on the lies within them, that Christ must crush at his return. This is such deep symbolism, but every detail of it, applies. Because their blood has become Satan's wine, they will lose their souls. ("Winepress")
God speaks of the Harlot who channels that "wine", when we read Isa.47:5-7 ...
5 “O beautiful Babylon, sit now in darkness and silence.
    Never again will you be known as the queen of kingdoms.
6 For I was angry with my chosen people
    and punished them by letting them fall into your hands.
But you, Babylon, showed them no mercy.
    You oppressed even the elderly.
7 You said, ‘I will reign forever as queen of the world!’
    You did not reflect on your actions
    or think about their consequences."

We will see her fall.

"30 A horrible and shocking thing
    has happened in this land—
31 the prophets give false prophecies,
    and the priests rule with an iron hand.
Worse yet, my people like it that way!
    But what will you do when the end comes?" (Jer.5:30-31)
-  -  -  -  -  -  -
Debbie, So sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with the forum. Perhaps write your draft somewhere else (like in an email letter), and then copy it here. If you lose it, you can try again. Please don't give up. It is wonderful when we hear from you! image

Last Edited By: Pearl Doxsey Apr 30 16 7:30 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#6 [url]

Apr 30 16 7:02 AM

Hi Debbie,...yes I also have trouble when trying to post sometimes.  At least we have this outlet, even if it becomes difficult at times.  I find it shockingly without concience that the food industry and the drug/cigarette industries continue to put out products that harm humans and animals, as well as bees and other helpful insects. (The GMO foods will cause terrible harm in time....the new "blue" smokeless electric cigarettes will cause lung damage also),  Greed !  ....that's the only thing I can see that motivates them.  They must know what the long term effects can be.  Good to hear you .  I hope you and Jacob are doing well.

JD....excellent comparison.  LOVE  is clearly something that fails to motivate the Watchtower Organization and it's Governing Body.

Agape, Obadiah.

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#7 [url]

Apr 30 16 4:11 PM

Lev 17:11 ‘For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood by reason of the life that makes atonement.’

Pearl,i enjoyed your comment!

What a great scripture you quote.

"life of the flesh is in the blood"
Can the Priests who represent Christ,and who COULD give life to others through Truth,do so if within their soul is “wormwood",which is in their soul?

Wormwood are LIES against Christ,the One who supplies LIFE through Truth. When a person accepts Truth FROM Him,its within their soul. Thus a faithful Priest could give life AND receive the benefits of the ransom to themselves and others. But Because the GB DONT accept Christ,that He is not within their Spiritual Soul,they then cannot be used to give life as is a Priests function,which starts by giving Truth.

The GB are "priests" for satan! Just as there are 2 groups Anointed Angels within the War in Heaven(Rev 12:7),there are Anointed Angels for Christ and the GB are no longer Priests for Christ,but have become priests for satan. They serve up lies,which leads to Death.

The “War in Heaven” of Anointed is proving who will be Priests of LIFE or death BY their being Anointed Angel/messengers of truth or lies. Christ's Anointed Angels are proving they are Priests of Life, because they choose Christ and HIS messages of truth. They WAR against the GB who are Priests of DEATH..THROUGH their messages of LIES from satan.

Christs faithful Anointed are thus “revealed” as Priests of Life for Christ through their messages of Truth,which includes exposing the GB who are Anointed angel/messengers of lies,who have thus become Priests of DEATH..through their message of LIES. Revelation 12:7

Thus the War in Heaven of Anointed is about LIFE or DEATH,through messages of Truth/Life.. or Lies/Death...through the 2 groups of Priests and who they represent.

But those faithful Priests who accept Christ's Truth into their souls,can then be used by Christ,not just to give life through Truth,but have the wonderful honor of then applying to others Christ's ransom...leading to eternal life.

These same Priests,because they accept Christ through Truth into their spiritual souls,THEMSELVES are given eternal life...and are part of the first resurrection! BECAUSE they chose not to be satans priests of death through lies. The GB cannot be used by Christ to apply the ransom,so they administer DEATH,even though they have the hope of heaven...and given the invitation to be Christ's Priests. They reject this offer by NOT allowing truth to be their spiritual blood,keeping their spiritual selves alive. The GB have PROVEN they cannot be Priests for Christ,because they will not stop administering Death throgh LIES. So why would Christ give them the ransom to administer,which is life? They have shown they are UNrepentant Priests of DEATH for satan through LIES!

for it is the blood by reason of the life that makes atonement.”
Life is in truth,IF Anointed accept it into their spiritual souls/selves. It courses through their souls,its part of their being. This it brings life. If Truth from Christ becomes part of their spiritual souls,they have proven by what they have done for Christ's truth,that they Love it enough, and IS part of their spiritual Soul.

Being DFed and “disgraced” by being called apostate against Christ and Jah...and the resulting “disgrace” of that symbolic death to everything/everyONE within the Beast,proves an Anointed has accepted Christ's Truth. (Hebrews 13:13) They have shown what they will do to be loyal to it!

Acceptance of truth,is what gives makes “atonement”, because it means recognising where it comes from. The same place as the Ransom! This is part of the “War in Heaven” and “Great Tribulation” that will be bought upon Anointed, to make their choice for Christs truth very difficult!

As the blood lies are squeezed out of lie lovers in the wine press,the opposite is true for Anointed who accept truth. It makes “atonement” for their previous sins of Adultery against Christ, which was the result of lies/wormwood being part of their spiritual soul.

If within their soul is “wormwood",there is no life or “atonement” which comes through truth from Christ,who is the channel of Truth and the ransom. If an Anointed continues to accept “wormwood",this is a rejection of Christ through truth...and thus a rejection of the ransom. So “wormwood" cannot act as an “atonement” is a rejection of Christ/Truth/The Ransom.

Last Edited By: Jahsdisciple Apr 30 16 5:30 PM. Edited 3 times.

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#8 [url]

Apr 30 16 9:09 PM


We will al have to choose from AMONGST ANOINTED,which ones we will choose to be fed spiritually. If its Christ's truth through His Anointed Angel/messengers,then they will be our Priests. If we choose satans lies through the GB,then they will be our Priests.

If we choose Christs Priests,we can be "atoned" by the Truth we accept,because of who it comes from. This will mean life through Christs Priests.

But if we choose satans "priests" and the lies they teach,then they will be our "priests of death". Atonement for life cannot come through lies! The GB as satans priests themselves will die because they are Angels/mesengers of lies and death,so how can they offer life,if they are SPIRITUALLY DEAD through LIES?

Whose Anointed Angel / messengers / PRIESTS will we choose within the "War in Heaven"? They will bring to us life through Truth...or Death through lies.

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#9 [url]

May 1 16 12:15 PM

Your good words tied in two other aspects for me, that I'd like to share.
Jesus said he was the vine and his anointed are the branches (John15:4-5).
That illustrates how Jesus gives spirit and truth to those who are "attached" to him.
As a result of that attachment, the diligent slaves produce fruit/grapes, that makes a wine of truth for others to drink, taking spirit and truth into themselves, creating blood and souls that live (Rom.11:16-18).
Rather than having that squeezed out of them in God's winepress of anger, that fruit, and those having it within them, lasts (John15:16).
But you also mention how the blood of truth that courses through the veins of the faithful, is like Christ's blood of truth (John6:55).
You speak about how the blood of Christ provides attonement, by the soul that was in it.
The other aspect that came to mind, was Rev.6:9.
Sure enough, the faithful who have within them the same kind of blood as Jesus (the spirit of truth that produces God's wine), are also sacrificed on the "altar".
They too, surrender their lives for truth, by pouring out their souls, pouring out the spirit and truth within them, knowing it means their death...
but life to those who drink it!!! (Rom.6:5; 1Tim.4:16)
Wow!!! Can you see so much, like I am seeing?.... even about the meaning of the Memorial!

Jesus tells us that if two or more gather in his name (gather to have spirit and truth), he will be there, giving it.
I feel blessed to share this forum with you all.

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#10 [url]

May 2 16 10:10 AM

Hi JD, Obe, Pearl, Deborah and everyone out there!

There’s so much to take in here.  JD,I also used this same set of scriptures in reasoning with a JW just recently.  Her remarks beforehand were so optimistic about residing in a spiritual paradise, much like a bouncy balloon, she seemed.  We know what air fills this “balloon”; I do hope in this case that her outlook “popped” and reality set in through the use of such scriptures.  

Thank you for putting it together, and many thanks to all of you also for such good reflections.  Literal blood is rich in oxygen and water, which made me think about the component of spiritual “air” in the waters of wormwood combined in the “blood” or lies and pumping through the veins of the “sons of disobedience”.  This blood saturates the heart primarily, and then pumps into the mind, affecting the works displayed by the individual.  The fleshly heart may beat, but the spiritual heart filled with these lies is dead.

"And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others."  Eph 2:1-4

All of this information gives me a glimpse to the symbolic side of Acts 15:20 -
“but that we write to them that they abstain from things contaminated by idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood.”

We are aware of the idolatry, the committing of immorality against Christ’s covenant, and the restriction or strangulation as a result of captivity of anointed ones not allowed to shed their own blood for truth, as Pearl has brought out…”by pouring out their souls, pouring out the spirit and truth within them, knowing it means their death…but life to those who drink it!!!” 

And also to abstain from blood, the blood rich in the power of the air and wormwood, supplying only death to the one who may drink  it.  What a devious concoction, attacking the heart first by weakening our desire to serve God in truth.  Jer 17:9

"Whatever you devise against the Lord,
He will make a complete end of it.
Distress will not rise up twice.
 Like tangled thorns,
And like those who are drunken with their drink,
They are consumed
As stubble completely withered.

 From you has gone forth
One who plotted evil against the Lord,
A wicked counselor." Nahum 1:9-11

JD – “But those faithful Priests who accept Christ's Truth into their souls, can then be used by Christ, not just to give life through Truth, but have the wonderful honor of then applying to others Christ's ransom...leading to eternal life.”

How wonderful to know this spiritual state of death can be reversed by Christ’s truth, purging ourselves of the sins we ingested.    

“Who is a God like You, who pardons iniquity
And passes over the rebellious act of the remnant of His possession?
He does not retain His anger forever,
Because He delights in unchanging love.
He will again have compassion on us;
He will tread our iniquities under foot. Yes, You will cast all their sins
Into the depths of the sea.
 You will give truth to Jacob
 unchanging love to Abraham,
Which You swore to our forefathers
From the days of old.

What is curious in these scriptures is they can work in harmony with Pearl’s mention of the winepress – “This is exactly why Christ treads the "winepress". It is to squeeze the falsehood from them.

We can be pardoned, atoned, from our sins by buying the pure gold of truth from Christ, which refines and cleanses.  But the words “our iniquities” in verse 19 is actually only “iniquities” in the interlinear Greek.  It seems to be saying they are tread underfoot as in a winepress, then cast “into the depths of the sea”.  “Yes, You will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea."

"The second angel sounded, and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood”  Rev 8:8 

As you say, Obadiah, only God and Jesus can read the hearts, but we continue to pray that more hearts within the mountainlike organization come to Christ and accept a clean heart renewed in truth.Ps 10:17; 57:7; 1 King 8:61
 I hope everyone is well today.  Yes, Pearl, at least we have this way to gather together and share in the blessing of the Spirit.  Thank you again for proving this forum for all of us, Pearl and Obe!

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