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Apr 11 16 2:40 PM

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The following are my own personal views about this topic,but have them for good reasons. Its what is happening within jws in regards to the memorial dates...and when Anointed "get permission" from the Gentiles to receive the emblems,which are theirs from Christ. 

The first quote is from Pearl,who got me thinking about this topic. Im sure you have thoughts about this also.

"Now is the time of separation and harvest, just as it was among the Jews of the first century.
We can celebrate the Passover when they impotently did,
or on the day that Christ memorialized his death and died, according to his request (Luke22:19; 1Cor.11:23-24,26)." 

Pearl,this is a serious statement!

 Anointed within jws are set up by satan to celebrate Jesus memorial on the wrong date.  

This is symbolic of how, if they remain within jws by choice when they dont reject lies,that the ransom will NOT be applied to them. At the moment,they still have a chance while Armageddon is raging,to get the truth. 

Part of getting the Truth,is to receive the ransom in a worthy respecting when it was done. To take the emblems worthily,means they can receive the ransom. But if they do it on the wrong date its because they deluded by satans lies within jws. The memorial night being on the wrong night is a reflection they are NOT listening to Christ even in matters of celebrating something truly significant in regards to their receiving the ransom benefits. How can they,if they are desecrating the emblems on a night that was not in harmony with fulfilling the law,so that Anointed could become such?? Without the law being fulfilled on the right date,being Anointed was impossible.Jesus was the "lamb" of God...and He was sacrificed on the same day as the other lambs..Nisan 13.

Gods Kingdom which are Anointed,could not happen if Jesus didnt fulfill the law on the right day of His dying. If they are not listening to Christ,this is reflected by satan controlling them,even in matters of the ransom being applied to them,symbolised via those emblems.  

Its more than just getting the date right. Its the whole body of new Truth,which means recognising Christ as their spiritual Head in every detail. That the memorial being on nisan 15 within the WT proves satan can control Anointed within jws,even in matters of the ransom(through the emblems) being given to them,by them getting the emblems on the right night.

They are going outside the true fulfilment of when Christ gave those symbols to his 11 ANOINTED...which shows Christ is not their spiritual Head in any matters,but esp in regards to receiving the ransom through the emblems,which means they are worthy to take them.  

As long as Anointed stay within jws and allow the gentiles to rule over them via the power of lies,they will NOT be resurrected! This is symbolised by their taking the ransom emblems on the wrong night. Therefore,they will not receive its benefits because of the lies through the gentiles which make them take the emblems on the wrong night. Therefore the ransom cannot be paid to them for the reason they took them on the wrong night. Gentiles being within the temple...and even controlling through Lies when Anointed Priests partake of the emblems that enable them to be spiritual Priests.

If what enables the Priests to be such is dictated by gentiles and not Christ,are they worthy to be Priests via the Ransom benefits? NO! Gentiles are dictating to Anointed Priests when to have the symbols of the ransom. That CANNOT be tolerated! But satan is making it so via the wrong memorial night. 

Does an Anointed respect Christ enough and the terrible death He suffered for them,to recognise the night which was typified for over a 1,000 years of sacrifices,to be the right TIME in Jah's plan to have the law made obsolete,so that His Kingdom could now take in members for that to happen? If a spiritual Priest cant see this significance,its because Christ is not their spiritual head..AND they are NOT listening to Him...they are listening to and controlled by the Harlot. Any Anointed listening and being loyal to the Harlot,is not listening to Christ...and will NOT get the benefits of the ransom,which is symbolised by them taking the emblems on the wrong night! 

If they are not listening to Christ...but listen to SATAN through his Harlot,how can they expect to have the ransom paid to them? Christ supplies the ransom benefits symbolised by the emblems on the right night,not satan who at the moment is dictating to anointed even about the emblems!

So satan mucking with the memorial date shows who is the head of Anointed within jws,even in matters of them receiving the ransom or NOT through the emblems being taken on the wrong night!  

I think this is what is behind the Nisan 15 celebration. Its satan flexing his muscles against anointed in a symbolic gesture,that Anointed within jws are further from receiving the ransom,than they were before because of his control over them.

He even controlled them,when they unworthily took the emblems showing their spiritual condition in relation to receiving its benefits. Satan showed on Nisan 15 that he controls Anointed destiny in them not receiving the ransom,as long as they stay jws.

The benefits are “further away" than every before,because satan can manipulate the GB...or whoever changed the celebration night to Nisan 15. It was done by satan's control! Heavy stuff!

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Apr 14 16 8:54 AM

 Hello JD, thank you for your thoughts. I hope all is well with you.  

I, too, have had my niggling doubts about why Nisan 15 was chosen.  Granted, this has been a confusing year for setting the date, but not a confusing one for Satan. He could easily use all this confusion over it as an excuse to mislead the chosen ones.

I have heard of anointed ones in the congregation who hold back from observing it in the kingdom hall, but do so later in the evening in private.  How some hearts must be torn to pieces, but are so fearful in speaking against the org.  If they would only speak out as Jeremiah did in the days of Judah, instead of enduring their suffering silently.

The pain! I can't bear the pain!
My heart! My heart is beating wildly!
I can't keep quiet;
I hear the trumpets
and the shouts of battle.
Jer 4:19

“ Jerusalem, wash the evil from your heart, so that you may be saved. How long will you go on thinking sinful thoughts? Messengers from the city of Dan and from the hills of Ephraim announce the bad news.  They have come to warn the nations and to tell Jerusalem that enemies are coming from a country far away. These enemies will shout against the cities of Judah  and will surround Jerusalem like men guarding a field, because her people have rebelled against the Lord. The Lord has spoken. Judah, you have brought this on yourself by the way you have lived and by the things you have done. Your sin has caused this suffering; it has stabbed you through the heart.”

“ For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, you are God’s building.   According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation, and another builds on it. But let each one take heed how he builds on it.  For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.  Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each one’s work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one’s work, of what sort it is.  If anyone’s work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward.  If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire. Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?  If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.”1 Cor 3:9-17   

Only by availing ourselves to God's discipline do we survive the attack against us.  Jer 23:29;9:7; Isa 1:25  

"You do these things I hate, and then you come and stand in my presence, in my own Temple, and say 'We are safe!'  Do you think that my Temple is a hiding place for robbers?  I have see what you are doing"  Jer 7:10,11

JD - Gentiles being within the temple...and even controlling through Lies when Anointed Priests partake of the emblems that enable them to be spiritual Priests.

For those priests who swallow down all the lies thinking they are sourced in God's spirit....

"How can you say that you are wise and that you know my laws?  Look, the laws have been changed by dishonest scribes.  You wise men are put to shame; they are confused and trapped.  They have rejected my words; what wisdom do they have now?"  Jer 8:8,9



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Apr 14 16 6:16 PM

Hi Peely,
Hope you are OK as well. Just realised as i was writing that,that "OK" comes from the Vietnam war. "OK" means ZERO Killed. So Im very glad you are NOT killed and dead spiritually as the Anointed Priests within jws are.

You said "I have heard of anointed ones in the congregation who hold back from observing it in the kingdom hall, but do so later in the evening in private."
I find this incredible! They are so afraid of the authority of the gentiles and what they can and have done to Anointed,they dont partake of what Christ gave them! They do it in secret. Imagine how Christ feels about THAT?! Imagine Christ giving you something as a sign of His affection for you,but you are afraid to take them for fear of spiritual gentiles. So much for the spiritual paradise and spiritual "peace and SECURITY" that supposedly exists there. Anointed are afraid to take what is between them and Christ. Does that sound like spiritual "peace and security"?

What an abomination jws are,esp "elders" who enforce the Harlots wishes!

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Apr 15 16 3:29 PM

Yes JD,
I am one among many who, when just starting to come out of my drunken stupor, partook at home after the Memorial at the Hall.
There seems to be no conflict when we are sound asleep and drunk. But when we begin to rouse, we start to discern the conflict between obeying Christ and obeying the Beasts (Rev.13:1; 13:11).
Because it is so strongly entrenched in our thnking, (that the "Watchtower" is "God's spirit-directed organization");
we at first try to cope with that conflict, by trying to appease both. Knowing how professing anointed are viewed and treated in the "Congregations", we naturally desire to appease those whom we esteem as our spiritual authorities, and so we seek to avoid their displeasure, by keeping our calling, undisclosed. Yet to avoid denying Christ (which we already are), we partake at home.
Of course... just as literal inebriation gradually and continually wears off; our perceptive powers grow, and we are then faced with more conflict and more choices...
and with them, our realization that the path of Christ is far away from the one we are trying to maintain (Matt.10:33). 
Then we find ourselves in the illustration of the ten virgins. What will we choose... what path will we take, when it is time to "go out" and meet the Bridegroom (Matt.25:6; Heb.13:13)?
Will we remember our original "receptable" of "oil"? (Ps.103:17-18; 2Cor.5:5; 1:22; John14:17) Or, will we source our light from "those who sell"? (Matt.25:9-10; Rev.13:17; 6:6)
If we do return to the true source of all light (Ps.36:9); we will enter the "marriage feast"... the "true words of God" (Rev.19:9)... the "opened scroll" (Dan.12:4,10,3; Rev.20:12), as Christ opens all "seven" of it's seals (Rev.5:5; John15:15; Matt.13:12; Mal.4:2; Rev.22:16-17; 2:7,17; John14:21).
When our Master arrives, he must cleanse his priesthood (Mal.3:1-3) of spiritual fornication and idolatry (Rev.2:20; 13:14-15; 7-8; 17:2; 1Cor.6:15-16; Rev.18:4).
May we all continue to wake up and be refined, and pray for all those drunk and asleep, to be roused by the saving spirit of God. Amen.

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Apr 17 16 3:20 PM

Rev 13:10 ...if anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed..."
The above verse was in Pearls blog. This is important in relation to Anointed who are the Earth who are ruined by the Harlot. Revelation 11:18 The GB/Harlot "kills with the sword". Truth in the bible is within Gods sword. The GB say they have the "truth" which is wielded like a sword...even in dfing faithful Anointed.

They are lying to Anointed about many prophetic things. But they also lie with satans backing about the memorial. Because of the GBs lies about this and other matters,Anointed within jws are in an unfit state to take the emblems. What the emblems stand for(Christ ransom) cannot be applied to them and they miss out on the first resurrection.

This can change for that Anointed under the Harlots influence. But the fact that the GB uses the "bible"/truth/sword in such an unfaithful way,and lying about what is "truth" has a damaging affect on the Anointed who believes the Harlots lies. The lies,under the guise of "truth"/sword...has the negative effect of a sword being used in the wrong way:It KILLS an Anointed and their heavenly hope.

This means that any Anointed believing their bible/sword LIES are being "killed" by the lying ”truth”,which the GB use and say is within Gods sword.

This is not the end of this story. The verse given by Christ,says that "if anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed".

The GB have,and are killing Anointed within jws and their hope by lies. But there are Angel/messengers of Christ who are exposing satans puppet the Harlot GB by the real Truth within Gods sword. These faithful Anointed Angels are showing what is the REAL Truth/sword through Christ. The GB are being exposed as LIARS. Thus the GB are being "killed" and exposed as spiritually DEAD. The Sword/Truth from Christ's angels,is casting judgement upon the GB as the chief source of DEATH to any Anointed within jws.

So there are 2 applications.
1/ As the GB killed with lies, by having faithful Anointed "beheaded" so as show they were supposedly unfaithful and apostate by misapplication of Jahs the GB will also be DFed. But this judgement IS from Jahs sword for the way they have mistreated Christ's brothers.
2/ As the GB killed Anointed within jws by lies that supposedly exist within Jahs sword,and thus Anointed they lose their Heavenly hope,the GB will lose out on their Heavenly Hope,just as they made other Anointed lose out on their Heavenly Hope.

One of many ways the GB is being exposed as a source of death Killing Anointed,are the lies about the memorial date. "celebrating" it on the wrong night is symbolic that Anointed within jws have been killed by the GBs lies/sword.

Christ promises that the GB and their supporters will be exposed as such...and they themselves killed by the Truth/sword from Christ through His faithful Anointed Angels and their messages of the REAL Truth within Jahs SWORD.

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