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Memorial celebration by jws desecrates the emblems of Christ's ransom sacrifice.

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Mar 21 16 1:09 PM

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Was the celebration in which Christ passed the bread and wine,to be had by non anointed? No. We are so effected by the Gentile/jw Anointed trampling "celebration",which is a reflection of the other Priest Trampling ways within jws.That whole organisation,with its Anointed trampling ways,have effected,not only the date when the memorial is celebrated (nisan 14 when its nisan 13) In yet another way,Gentiles have stolen something else from the role of Jah's Priests..

The Priests of old were the ones to physically touch the sacrifices. They set the pattern for Anointed and anything to do with Christ's sacrifice,which is symbolised by the Memorial Emblems.

It is any wonder that Gentiles are therefore because of the Priests being Trampled going on within jws,they are privy also to the passing of the emblems to each other,when that only belongs to Jahs Priests. Gentiles touching those emblems is a further insult for what they represent,when the Priests are already Trampled.

Should Gentiles be touching emblems which represent His sacrifice,esp on a sacred night in supposed imitation of Christs first Memorial? Sacrifices were to be touched only by Priests. That Gentile/jws touch emblems only meant for priests,reflects one of the many other "disgusting things" going on within jws regarding Jahs Priests...and touching something meant only for them.

Gentiles steal the role of spiritual Priest within jws...and now they also presumptiously touch the sacred emblems meant only for Priests,who are the living Temple.

I myself when a jw thought it a great privilidge to hold those emblems when they were passed to me during their "memorial",even though i didnt partake. But that was a sign of the brainwashing and trampling going on. I should not have been touching those emblems on a sacred night meant for Anointed...they symbolised two aspects of Christ's sacrifice. They are only meant for the Priests who deal with sacrificial matters,who are Anointed. On a sacred night of Nisan 13,Christ gave those emblems to His future Priests. Yes,one day we will have the benfits of those emblems,but it will be through Jahs Priests...and we ought to respect the order in which that happens and who are the Ones through whom those benefits come. Those given those emblems,not gentile non anointed.

The gentiles also call this desecrating of Christ's sacrifice,a "celebration". Only an oraganisation where the gentiles trample Christ's Headship and Priests,would call a "memorial" based on touching only what Priest should touch,a "celebration". The GB say they represent Christ. But Christ gave the emblems only to those who would be Anointed with Spirit. So even with the Memorial emblems,Christ's headship is ignored and Trampled by the example He left...and what He gave through the ransom to His Anointed.

The GB have dishonored Him not only by stealing those of His Bride,but have desicrated Holy Emblems meant only to be touched by Priests,by encouraging Gentiles to touch what was meant only for Anointed Priests. What an abomination against Christ this organisation is!

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Mar 21 16 2:18 PM

Thank you, JD.  This certainly makes sense.  If only God's priests would wake up and realize this abomination and the lies.

Depart! Depart! Go out from there,
Touch no unclean thing;
Go out from the midst of her,
Be clean, You who bear the vessels of the LORD.  Isa 52:11

Just a side note, I noticed that by using Pearl's calculations, the Watchtower is actually observing the memorial on Wednesday, which would then be Nisan 15, right?  It just seems like another effort to trample the anointed ones and keep them securely in darkness.


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Mar 21 16 3:46 PM

Hi Peely,
Thats a great scripture!

"Be clean, You who bear the vessels of Yhwh"

Christ made His first 11 Priests,guardians of those emblems. What right do gentiles have to touch them AND dispense them to Anointed during "memorial night"esp on a night celebrating HIS Priests getting those emblems...on a night celebrating their significance? If the Priests were to "be clean",this shows those touching sacred things upon which the Temple is founded,need to be clean. 

But within jws,the UNclean gentiles touch these sacred things and what they symbolise...and satan has made it a celebration of that desecration...with his fake priests/"elders"/leaders of the Beast officiating the whole night.

Its like the Babylonians who used the captured and stolen sacred utensils of Jahs Temple for their pagan feast! The Gb think using The Emblems adds further proof that jws are Gods organisation..but its part of the  "writing on the Wall" that sacred emblems are used to justify an organisation of gentiles stealing from Jahs Priests. 

Daniel 5:2 so that the king and his nobles, his wives and his concubines might drink from them." This is no differant within jws who are led by BABYLON the Great/The GB,who uses sacred things meant for Gods temple. Who did the "drinking" using the sacred utensils ? "his wives and his concubines". Anointed who partake while jws,are stolen wives of Christ,which the GB has stolen. Doing this desecrates what belongs within Gods Temple of Christ. The wine and bread belong to Christ,since he provided them. But BABYLON the Great/The GB, steal the sacred utensils and the Priests who use them...while the Priests are "wives" of the GB in a state of adultery against Christ!

Anointed who drink the embelm wine while jws are wives of Babylon the Great. Dan 5:2

If Anointed are part of Babylon the Great and under Her influence as wives,then they are not One with Christ as His Wives. Thus they drink of the emblematic wine unworthily,because they are not One with Christ whose blood is symbolised by the wine...and he is not their spiritual head. The GB is their spiritual head as long as they are jws. Anointed within JWs are like the wives and concubines of the Babylonians in Dan5:2!

They are drinking what symbolises Christ blood within Babylon.

The GB are saying they have the right to say how those sacred emblems are used by gentiles,when Christ made Anointed the ones to handle such sacred objects,which represent Christ the Temple.

About the calculation for the date,im not sure. But Jesus died the day before Passover started.

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